11 Steps to Self-fulfillment

11 Steps to Self-fulfillment

We are well aware of the effect of happiness on our lives, but have you ever felt self-fulfillment? It’s something more than just being happy. You cannot be happy all the time, but being self-fulfilled is what’s totally attainable. Surprisingly, it adds value to your life and makes your life more delightful. Today we’ll go through the most manageable steps to self-fulfillment in life.

Before jumping into the topic, let’s see what self-fulfillment is and why it is essential in our lives.

What is Self-fulfillment?

In simple words, self-fulfillment is a feeling of satisfaction that you achieve due to internal happiness that comes to you from an achievement in life or when you do something meaningful that brings you contentment. Unlike happiness, self-fulfillment doesn’t fade away in a short time. It lasts longer than happiness does. It nourishes your soul from within and brings you serenity through your actions.

Why is Self-fulfillment Important?

Self-fulfillment is essential when it comes to living up to your full potential. We often seek contentment from external sources, due to which we can’t keep ourselves cheerful for a long time. For example, you’ve hung out with friends and had a wonderful time. After coming home, do you feel the same? Or, when you wake up the following day, do you feel happy? No, right. That’s what happiness is, a temporary feeling that ends as the source of it ends. But self-fulfillment is not like that. And that’s the reason it plays such a vital role in our life.

None of us is created uselessly. We all have a role in the betterment of society. And we can only fulfill our roles and responsibilities if we keep ourselves in a healthy mental state.

Ask yourself what your source of enjoyment is. Is there anything that brings you inner peace and contentment every day? If yes, then these must be the blessings in your life. It can be your spouse, your kids, your profession, or your connection with God. These are the blessings that God gifted you. You can never say you feel happy every day because you had a wonderful time with friends last weekend. These pleasures can never be a source of everlasting joy.

But the good news is that you can enjoy self-fulfillment even if you lack a few blessings because not everyone is lucky to have all the blessings in life. And every one of us goes through a tough time in life, where we cannot find a reason to be self-satisfied. If you’re in such a phase of life, you need to seek self-fulfillment.

How Do You Develop Self-fulfillment?

Being happy and fulfilled in life is everyone’s dream. The best way to develop self-fulfillment is to see life from a different perspective. Sometimes, we have everything to make us happy, yet we choose to stay the same. Living life on old patterns never lets you experience the good that life has to offer.

We often suffer to find satisfaction in life because we waste our time pursuing negative thought patterns and living a poor lifestyle. Allowing your anxious thoughts, a place in your mind, will eat up the good you have inside you. Nobody is rude or ill-tempered; it’s the circumstances of our life that make us that way. But, we all have the chance to start living life again.

11 Steps to Self-fulfillment

Now let’s see some simple steps to self-fulfillment that’ll help you bring back satisfaction and contentment in life.

1. Accept Everything the Way it is

One of the reasons we lack self-fulfillment in life is that we do not accept our life the way it is. We want to upgrade everything in life, including ourselves. That’s not wrong, but we get so obsessed with perfection that we forget to appreciate the good in our life.

Accepting your life, finances, career, relationship stage, body weight, and the way you are is the first step to finding self-fulfillment in life. You can’t reach your ideal self if you don’t love the version of who you are today.

When you respect yourself and what you have, people will start treating you the same. See your worth because if you don’t, people around you will not treat you how you should be treated. Don’t wait for someone to come and tell you how beautiful or important you are. When you accept your real self and love who you are, you’ll eventually start finding people who will love you right.

2. Have an Optimistic Outlook

The journey to self-fulfillment start when you start having an optimistic outlook on life. Do you look for the positive in every situation? It’s easy to be trapped in our negative thoughts and hope that everything will turn in our favor one day. But to find self-fulfillment, you need to turn your negative thought process into a positive one.

Problems and worries are a part of life, but we all must learn to stay positive in negative situations. Because if we don’t, we’ll continue to suffer in our lives to find self-fulfillment.

3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever tried uplifting someone’s mood? We feel out of this world after helping someone, and even after days, we feel cheerful.

Practice random acts of kindness with people around you. Don’t expect that people will make you content, be so optimistic that everyone wants to be around you. When we keep ourselves happy and satisfied, we treat people with kindness. And then you start becoming their source of joy, and you see that they want to hang out around you.

It’s such a nice feeling when you receive love from people because of your positive nature and joyful attitude. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then start spreading love and kindness by practicing small acts of kindness. And you’ll be amazed by the results.

4. Go Beyond Your Expectations

Self-fulfillment is achieved by doing something meaningful. And one of the steps to self-fulfillment is reaching beyond your expectations. We all have our plans about what to do in a day. We, as humans, feel self-fulfillment when we achieve something. So whatever your tasks are for a day, try to achieve a little more than your expectations. Most of us have broken our career goals into smaller ones. Try to accomplish those smaller goals earlier than the deadline. It means a little extra effort, but as long as it brings you self-fulfillment, you can try it.

5. Tidy Up Your Room

Tidying up your room can be a step to self-fulfillment as you wake up in the morning. Making your bed and cleaning your space gives you a sense of fulfillment as you begin your day.

It brings you contentment and satisfaction and helps you start your day right. We all love to live in an organized way, and when our outer is as organized as the inner, we enjoy self-fulfillment and wholeness.

6. Be Grateful

Gratitude plays a significant role in our happiness. Plus, it’s a sign of self-fulfillment. When you are content and peaceful, you develop a habit of being grateful. Because self-fulfillment helps us to achieve inner calm and gratification. Since our minds are in a healthy state, everything around us seems to look good.

But being grateful is also a step to fulfillment because when you appreciate everything around you, you develop a positive outlook on life. And we’ve already discussed above how a positive outlook on life helps us attain self-fulfillment.

7. Look Within Yourself

We often seek happiness from external sources. And as our source of joy is the happenings in our life, being self-fulfilled and satisfied becomes challenging. You cannot depend on external factors to seek self-fulfillment. Being happy from the inside has nothing to do with what’s happening around you. And that’s a fact. You cannot wait to resolve all your life problems and then be satisfied in life. That way, you can never be fully satisfied in life.

You need to look inside yourself, and you’ll find enough goodness and positivity to help you attain self-fulfillment.

8. Envision The Life You Want

Another way to find self-fulfillment is to visualize the best version of yourself and the life you want to live. When we picture ourselves living the ideal life we always wanted, it motivates us to work hard towards our goals resulting in self-satisfaction.

There is no harm in daydreaming a little and feeling the best. When you start visualizing, you feel like you’re actually living that life. All that negativity around you starts to fade away, and you escape your reality. Plus, visualizing also helps you believe that you’ll achieve your dreams soon.

9. Pursue Your Purpose

We achieve self-fulfillment and satisfaction when we work on what truly matters. The fulfillment we get by achieving success, and moving forward toward our goals is like no other. When we work on what we’re passionate about, we feel happy and content.

This step to fulfillment is the one that brings you internal peace and contentment. You never get bored by working on your dreams. In addition, you don’t seek other ways to achieve self-fulfillment because it fully satisfies you.

10. Take Charge Of Your Happiness

To be fully satisfied in life, we all should take charge of our happiness. Your happiness should never depend on anyone else. Neither should you be sad about others’ behavior toward you. Because if you give control of your happiness to others, you can never attain self-fulfillment and happiness. When we do this, we keep waiting for others to make us happy. But no matter how loving your friends or family are, making yourself happy is your responsibility.

11. Make Time For What You Love

Here comes the last but most crucial step to self-fulfillment: to do what you love. You know in what state you feel the happiest. Making time for what you love will help you realize that you just don’t work and fulfill your responsibilities but also make time for yourself.

We get happy when we work towards our goals, but we all know that we get tired of putting in consistent efforts and working hard. Most of our dreams are connected to our goals, so pursuing your career goals is essential. But you have to take care of yourself as well.

The Final Word

We all have the opportunity to find happiness and satisfaction in life. All you have to do is seek what works best for you and start pursuing it. Focus on the big picture and indulge in what will benefit you in the future. Along your journey, take care of yourself and visualize the best outcome of your efforts. And soon, you’ll be living the life you’ve dreamt of.

To seek internal happiness, you need to start doing something that allows you to unleash your potential. Because we become thrilled by doing something that yields consequential results. Attaining self-fulfillment is necessary to improve all areas of life, such as relationships, health, career, work, and your contribution to the world.

We spend money to attain happiness from external sources. But we often forget that what we seek is already inside us. We have everything inside us to be happy and content in life.

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