Appreciate the little things in life to live happily

Appreciate the little things in life to live happily

Tired of waiting for things to align perfectly in life? I know we waste our entire lives by being sad about things we don’t have. To us, happiness means ‘that’ particular thing that needs to happen to make us happy. And we try our best to acquire it by working hard. But we often forget to acquire happiness by appreciating the little things in life.

We work day and night to get what we want. Along with it, we keep praying as well. But we have to deal when things don’t go the way we want them to. There are several reasons for it. It could be it isn’t the right time, or maybe we need to shift our direction. Whatever it is, this makes us upset. These are the time of our lives when we need to keep ourselves happy. The simplest way to do so is to start appreciating the little things in life. 

What does appreciating the little things in life mean?

To appreciate the little things in life means enjoying little things that bring you peace and contentment and being grateful for small pleasures that value your life.

It’s not easy to keep yourself happy these days. The constant pressure of life stops us from living life to the fullest. We are so busy in our lives that we often forget that we deserve to be happy as well. The workload and other endless responsibilities have occupied us so much that we couldn’t see the bright side of life.

The long list of things we need to acquire makes us forget our blessings. How long has it been since you last appreciated the little things in life? Most of us might not even remember!

Why is it important to enjoy the little things in life?

You need to enjoy the little things in life to escape the harsh reality of life. Humans are meant to live, love, and explore. We are not robots that are created to work and earn. 

Don’t forget that we earn to raise our living standards and ultimately be happy. But sadly, only money doesn’t improve the quality of our life. Our quality of life depends on our perspective on life. Make efforts to find time for yourself and enjoy the simple joys of life.

How to enjoy little things in life?

Do you want to have a prosperous life? Then start looking inside you. Figure out things that serve you happiness. What is it that you love doing? I love gardening; it brings me so much happiness. When I am in my garden, I appreciate the little joys such as watering the plants, feeling the fresh air, listening to the birds, etc. 

Similarly, you should also seek what brings you joy and practice it. It could be a morning walk in a park, feeding birds, practicing meditation, or reading your favorite book. 

If you’re still wondering how to enjoy little things in life, then I have some ideas you can check out below.

1. Start practicing gratitude

Start practicing gratitude to appreciate the little things in life. The true meaning of enjoying the little thing in life is to be grateful. Grateful in such a way that even the little things in life inspire you to develop gratitude. 

If you keep on waiting for things to happen flawlessly, you might have to wait your entire life to be grateful. Start being thankful to your Lord, even for the tiniest things like reaching the office on time or quickly finding parking; it could be anything. 

You can also try listing every positive thing in a gratitude journal or simply in your phone’s notepad.

2. Nurture your relationships

Having meaningful relationships can bring you an incomparable sense of fulfillment and peace. A survey in 2019 shows that the top source of greatest happiness in Russia was family and relationships

Spending time with family and friends can instantly boost your mood. When we get back from work, playing with kids or having a meal with family helps us forget the work stress. 

In the same way, if you’re worried about a matter, discussing it with a family member or a close friend can bring you ease. Invest time in your relationships to live a serene life. 

3. Enjoy your mornings

What about getting up an hour earlier than your daily routine? To appreciate the little things in life, start with finding time for yourself. Don’t just wake up and rush; instead, take time to make the most of your mornings.

Now it depends on you how you like to enjoy your mornings. I like to go for a morning walk. Some days I spend time reading a book while I enjoy my coffee. The motive is to enjoy your morning, prepare for the day ahead, and then go to work.

4. Eat at your favorite place

It is the most practiced idea that I am sharing with you. To appreciate the little things in life, spare some time, and go to your favorite restaurant is one of the best things to try. It’s not that you have to plan a formal dinner and then have fun. I am talking about having anything you like; it could be just a coffee or shake while returning from work. 

Whenever I feel down, I make myself happy by planning to have some good food with friends. It works for me, and hope it works for you too.

5. Try Baking 

Baking has helped me to be happy for the past few years. I naturally start craving sweets when I am anxious. So, baking helps me be busy, and it also satisfies my sweet tooth. Baking is an art, and it gives you happiness from the inside. Bake your favorite donuts or cupcakes and make your day exciting and productive. By indulging in this addictive hobby, you stay away from negative thoughts. That’s how you can be content and grateful in life just by making yourself happy with these small joys.

5 Compelling reasons to appreciate the little things in life

Appreciating the little things in life makes it easy to prioritize what’s healthy and leave what doesn’t help you grow. To live a calm life, learn to enjoy the little things in life. 

Here are five compelling reasons why we should appreciate the little things in life,

1. Escape from reality

When you keep yourself busy enjoying the little things in life, you escape reality. We are so occupied with work stress and pressure that enjoying small pleasures help us forget our worries, even if it’s just for a few hours!

2. You learn gratitude

Learning and practicing gratitude becomes easy when you learn to appreciate the little things in life. Your focus stays on the positive side. This attitude not only keeps you happy, but your life becomes pleasurable.

3. Relieve stress

Once you start appreciating little things in life, you get rid of the constant stress that makes life irritating. Your anxious thoughts no longer stop you from being happy. Your journey to living life differently and positively starts with appreciating the little things in life. 

Problems and hurdles are a part of life, but he who tries to be calm and happy wins this race of life.  

4. You feel alive

When you take out time for yourself, you feel alive. The purpose of our life is to live, not just exist. Doing things that you love makes you happy from the inside. 

A survey shows that in 2020, 86% of South Korean respondents state that their hobbies and interests are one of the greatest sources of happiness. 

Feeling happy can result in increased productivity as well. I feel most productive when I work with a clear positive mind.

5. You become hopeful

Sometimes being hopeful becomes very challenging, especially when you’re sad. Being sad affects our productivity, but when you appreciate the little things in life, it results in joy or satisfaction that doesn’t let you stop.

Anxiety may not overtake you if you keep looking for reasons that can help you cheer up. And this happens when you find bliss in small, simple things that are good for your soul.

The Final Word

To live life in the best way, you need to cope with the ups and downs of life. Life never goes smoothly; there are bumps on this road. It’s better to accept this reality and find ways to lead a fulfilling life.

Appreciating the little things in life helps you enjoy the moment and be hopeful. You can appreciate the little things in life, like learning to be grateful for the blessings you have in life, finding value in your relationships, adding reading or meditation to your morning routine, or simply eating at your favorite restaurant.

You can also be happy by practicing your hobbies, such as baking, cooking, gardening, or spending quality time with family. Try what works best for you and practice it. 

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