How to Be Happy and Motivated Every day

How to Be Happy and Motivated Every day

We all can be happy and motivated once in a while, but not every day. If this is your mindset, then you may be wrong. Because to be happy and motivated every day is possible. All you need to do is adopt a few habits and change your perspective on life.

It may not sound easy, but we can all learn how to be happy and motivated every day. And today, that’s what we’ll learn. I have some mind-blowing tips that’ll help and make you live life to the fullest.

Why be happy and motivated every day?

The question arises why be happy and motivated every day? We can make more out of life, but we compromise on our happiness due to day-to-day problems and stressful dealings. And not just on happiness, the stress we face in daily life also affects our productivity and motivation.

Who doesn’t want to live a meaningful and content life? But, we often wait for weekends, special occasions, and vacations to make us happy. If you keep living like that, you will find fewer opportunities to be satisfied. You cannot always have fancy dinners, parties, and celebrations to make the most of your life.

What if I tell you how to be happy and motivated every day without spending money? Because most of the time, we get happy after spending money. Like everything that makes us happy, inquires money. Most of us believe that. But we’re wrong because money is necessary, but we can still make ourselves content without planning big.

Before we jump on how to stay happy and motivated every day, let’s look at its benefits in our everyday life. If you want to make your everyday life easier, you can check this article.

1.  It helps you cope with challenges and opportunities

We all face challenges in our lives, not just bigger challenges but also small daily challenges. And to fight them, we need courage. If you’re already worn out, you won’t be able to deal with them.

Happiness should be a priority in our lives. And when you take care of yourself, life becomes better. Happy people are abler to fight problems in their lives than someone sad. It also helps you take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Because stress in our lives makes us lazy and tired. Being mentally stable allows you to deal with the ups and downs of life and be open to life’s opportunities.

2.  It makes you capable of meeting your daily expectations

We all have goals in our lives. And to make our plans achievable, we set small daily goals. Apart from these daily goals, we have our responsibilities as well. To meet all those daily expectations and responsibilities, we need to be happy and motivated in our everyday life.

You might have noticed when you’re tired or depressed, fulfilling the most straightforward tasks seems so hard. Stress affects our physical and mental health, which causes fatigue. So, we must be happy and motivated every day to perform our duties and work towards a better future.

3.  It brings you inner calm and satisfaction

When you are happy and motivated every day, it looks like you’re on the right path. It helps us be satisfied in life, making us feel calm and peaceful. The main motive of life for us shouldn’t be money and success, but inner calm and satisfaction, for this is what keeps us going in life.

How to be happy every day?

Here are some quick ways that can help you be happy every day that are easy to follow.

1.  Stop focusing on the negative

To be happy every day, eliminate negative people from your life or at least distance them. You couldn’t be happy if you kept getting sad about the tiniest things in life. Remember that nothing in life is permanent; if things don’t go your way right now, that’s fine. One day all the things you’re going through will make sense. And you’ll be glad that you didn’t give up!

2.  Avoid arguing with others

One of the best advice to stay happy every day is to avoid arguing with others. You cannot remain happy if you keep arguing with others about what is correct or not. Sometimes we don’t even realize it, yet we start debating with others about the little stuff.

You don’t have to correct others. However, if you want to see good around you, start with doing good first.

3.  Spread positivity everywhere around you

We meet many people every day. So, you just don’t have to avoid arguing with others but treat everyone you come across with respect and kindness. If you start spreading love and compassion, that’s what you’ll receive in return.

Everyone loves to be surrounded by positive people. And if you want to be happy, make sure you have kind and friendly people around you.

4.  Be comfortable with change

One of the barriers to our happiness is change, which makes us uncomfortable. We, as humans, don’t want to take risks. And not just significant changes that come in our life, but also little changes like changes in our daily routines, etc.

Life changes, and that’s for our own good. In everyday life, something that happens against our routine makes us disturbed. To be happy every day, you need to embrace change and tell yourself it’s ok.

Most of the time, we face temporary changes in our daily life. Naturally, these changes alter your routine, but if you manage time and make things easy for yourself, it won’t affect your happiness. Life isn’t easy, but to be happy and motivated every day, you need to make it easy.

5.  Support and encourage others

One of the ways to be happy and motivated every day is to help others. The happiness you get by making others happy is incomparable. If you see someone having a challenging day, encourage him or motivate him to keep going when the going gets tough.

Life shouldn’t be about ‘me’ only, but it should be about ‘us.’ Make things easy for each other and live a fulfilling life.

If you keep trying to make yourself content, you might not get satisfied every day. But if you start uplifting others around you, then being happy every day becomes easier. 

6.  Practice gratitude for what you have

We need to stop rushing through life. Rushing through life will never allow you to be happy and motivated every day. We all need to learn to appreciate what we have.

If you keep complaining about all that you lack in life, you’ll never truly appreciate what you have in life. We are habitual of taking things for granted, which steals our happiness and satisfaction.

Being grateful allows you to see life from a different perspective and ultimately improves your life standard.

How to be motivated every day?

When you start being happy, being motivated becomes easier. Think of it as when you’re sad, do you have the energy to work? No, right. Being productive becomes difficult when you’re stressed.

Here are some fantastic ways you can be happy and motivated every day;

1.  Reward yourself for small accomplishments

When you celebrate small victories, you get motivated to achieve more. Clapping for yourself when you fulfill daily targets keeps you in momentum. When you wait for a huge goal to be accomplished, you lose motivation and get tired.

To keep yourself moving, you must learn the importance of patience in achieving goals. And, before you win big, be happy with smaller wins.

2.  Track your progress

What works for me best to keep myself happy and motivated is tracking my progress. I have journals where I keep a record of progress. Each day I wake up to a goal, which I break into smaller chunks and make an effort to achieve. This way, I keep myself motivated and become happy.

Sometimes I cannot tick all the things I have to do in a day. So, I deal with this by appreciating myself for the little I did. Because if you blame yourself for not doing more, you might also stop making little effort.

Start with a planner today, and keep a record of your progress. It will help you be happy and motivated every day as you accomplish your goals.

3.  Listen to your favorite mentors

Listening to your favorite mentors can bring that lost spark. I’ve personally experienced this, and it has helped a lot. Getting demotivated is natural when you’ve come a long way. Most people give up when they’re closest to their goal. When you can’t see desired results, you might get demotivated. Let me tell you that when you keep putting in consistent efforts, you might not see results immediately, but suddenly things turn in your favor. This leaves you surprised, and you become thankful that you didn’t lose hope.

And one of the proven ways to keep going is to listen to mentors and the stories of people who succeeded. It not only keeps you motivated but excited as well as you progress in your journey. There are many lessons you learn through these mentors which prevent you from making mistakes that they did in the past.

4.  Remember why you started

Do you remind yourself every day about why you started? When I cannot be happy and motivated every day, I remember why I am doing all that hard work. And that becomes enough for me to keep going.

Your ‘why’ should be your greatest motivation. And because of my ‘why,’ I enjoy what I do, and it doesn’t let me get sad.

Your why should be so strong that whenever you get sad, it gives you hope to keep going. Along with it, you should also have faith that all your hard work will bring fruitful results in the future.

If you do that, I am sure you can be happy and motivated every day. And, even in tough times, it won’t let you shatter.

5.  Maintain momentum

Now let’s suppose you’ve started to track your progress. And from the last 7 days, you were able to meet the deadlines you set for your tasks. But today, you couldn’t complete your tasks. Sometimes, what happens is we break the momentum.

What if you weren’t able to perform better today? You can continue working hard from the next day in the same way you were doing previously. Don’t take it too seriously if you make a mistake. You can make adjustments to your plans, and that’s fine. As long as you don’t stop, everything is acceptable.

6.  Don’t compromise on your health

You might have heard that successful people work late nights and early mornings. But the truth is if you want to be motivated every day, don’t carry the burden you cannot bear. Here, I am not talking about highly intellectual people. Not every one of us is highly ambitious.

If you want to go far, move at a slow and steady pace. Years of consistent efforts in the right direction are better than working really hard for a month or two and then quitting.

The Final Word

In simple words, if you want to be happy and motivated every day, then make some changes to your lifestyle. Indulge in meaningful activities, avoid negative people, focus on your future goals and plans, and live life to the fullest.

Anything bothering you right now will not even matter in the long run. These problems will fade away with time. But if you keep your mental and physical health in shape, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work in future.

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  1. What a great way of looking at life in general. We all want and need to be happy and motivated everyday. Thanks for some great ideas.

  2. You have such positive outlook in life that you are able to share it well to others. I also advocate practicing gratitude, it contributes to our happiness factor and I think tracking progress is great as well because as humans, we tend to dwell on mistakes more than our improvements.

  3. Great list! Thanks for sharing this! I agree that slow and steady can be really important for staying happy. Helps prevent burnout! Also having a balance in activities in life has helped me stay happy and motivated!

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