Change Is Uncomfortable but Necessary for Growth

Change Is Uncomfortable but Necessary for Growth

You may have heard that change is uncomfortable but necessary, but how many of you genuinely want your lives to change? I am pretty sure, not most of us. We all have heard that change is uncomfortable but necessary for growth. But we don’t want to step out of our comfort zones.

We are comfortable following our routines and aren’t interested in taking new risks. Because change comes with discomfort, and we don’t want to be uncomfortable.

But this isn’t the case with all of us; some people like changes and are comfortable accepting discomfort. The reason behind it is; that maybe they went through such phases of life that taught them how to be satisfied with being uncomfortable and that change is uncomfortable but necessary. Such people know the importance of change and why it is necessary. I know change is risky, but you need to take the risk to improve your life.

Why change is uncomfortable but necessary?

Change is uncomfortable because you’re habitual of following your daily routine, and doing something apart from it, requires time and effort.

For instance, you get enrolled in a course at a university. How will it impact your life? Obviously, it will bring goodness to your life and help you grow. But, this requires you to leave some things from your routine to make time to attend lectures. For example, maybe you used to go for a walk in the morning, and now you have to go to the university at the same time. Now, in this situation, you have to adjust your schedule. It could be waking up an hour earlier to go for a walk or replacing your morning walk with the evening walk. As we know change is uncomfortable but necessary, so if you want to add something good to your life, you need to make some shifts in your life.

In the same way, you need to make some compromises in your life to accomplish great things. When we talk about change, we’re not always talking about significant life changes. Instead, we should learn to accept little changes, which will help us be strong and give us the courage to adapt to substantial changes in our life. Change is uncomfortable, but it’s necessary for our growth. If you don’t put yourself in tough situations, you will never learn to fight them.

How to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Getting comfortable with change can be challenging for some people. But for, those who are familiar with change may find it easy. This is because they are satisfied with the change and have been adjusting to life changes much more often than people who don’t face life changes.

If you keep practicing a thing, even the problematic tasks start to look easy. That’s the case with change too. You won’t find it hard if you know how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and that change may be uncomfortable but it’s necessary for growth.

Here are a few ways to accept that change is uncomfortable but necessary for growth;

1.  Allow yourself to feel what you feel

When you face a change in life, allow yourself to feel what you feel. Don’t force yourself to accept change immediately. Instead, give yourself time, write down the problems you’re facing, and find solutions to get comfortable with your life.

If you don’t allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, you will have difficulty getting rid of those thoughts. Accepting change enables you to be flexible in life. When a change occurs, your life doesn’t get disturbed, and you look for possible ways to adjust to those changes in your life.

2.  Accept that change is necessary for growth

Adapting to change becomes much easier when you accept that change is uncomfortable but necessary. Not only are you facing changes, but every one of us is facing changes in our life. As we move forward in life, we all go through changes. You shouldn’t fear change because that’s part of life. The quicker you accept that it’s necessary for growth and is beneficial for your own life, you will find ways to get comfortable and embrace change in your life.

We all face different changes in our life. You might be going through a significant relationship change, and you think you’re alone in this. No, if you’re facing change at this point of your life, then others also face change in some of their lives. You’re not alone in this. So, don’t think that life has been unfair to you. Change is uncomfortable, but it’s necessary; for all of us.

We might think that things aren’t going right. But in actuality, you’re being headed to something better. And if you cannot understand this right now. Then, later in life, you will look back and realize how this change significantly impacted your life. And how it made you strong.

3.  Forget the past and move forward

A major reason why we fear change is that it forces us to move forward in life. You cannot move forward if you keep holding onto the past. You have to forget the past and move on in life. I know it’s easy to live in memories and cry over how things were in the past. But now, my dear, it’s over. Living in the past will never allow you to start enjoying life again.

If we suppose that living in the past brings happiness, how long will you stay there? Because thinking about how things used to be and blaming yourself for whatever happened, will never allow you to live life to the fullest.

It’s better to be uncomfortable for a short period and allow your life to change for the better; than staying in the past and hurting yourself every day. If you try to change your life, you will see endless opportunities to heal from your scars and start living again. The change will be uncomfortable initially, but it will make you more robust and wiser.

4.  Do something to make yourself happy

Getting comfortable with change can be a challenging task. When things change in life, you find it difficult to feel happy and peaceful. Instead, you’re in an uncomfortable state, and nothing looks good to you.

You should try to spend some time doing what you love. Whenever you find some free time in your day, spare time for yourself. Accepting change and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable becomes easy when you don’t let stress take over you. I know we feel worried thinking about the future and its impact on our future. But, when we keep ourselves busy doing something we like, it boosts our mood and makes us happy. It makes us realize that change is uncomfortable but necessary for ourselves, and we try to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  

5.  Control your emotions

To accept that change is uncomfortable but necessary, control your emotions to prevent negative thoughts wander your mind. We often feel that change will put our happiness at risk, and we’ll get some disturbance in life. Our focus stays on the temporary effect of change on our lives. And, it makes us forget the impact of change on our lives in the long term. If you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never learn how to develop mental strength. Control your emotions, and don’t let thoughts of your past make you sad. Focus on the future, and hope for the best.

6.  Push yourself beyond your limits

You need to push yourself beyond your limits and accept the challenges of life. That’s where growth is. If you want to reach your goals and make yourself stronger, don’t hold back on taking challenges. The best way to get comfortable being uncomfortable is to give yourself small daily challenges. This will help you push your limits and get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to take risks; put yourself in challenges and see how well you handle pressure. The discomfort you get by pushing yourself shouldn’t stop you from being the best version of yourself.  

The Final Word

To make positive changes in your life, you should embrace the unknown. You don’t know what the future holds for you. But, maybe the steps you take today will become the reason for your success tomorrow. Unfortunately, we fear that we are unsure how the change will affect our lives. And this stops us from taking the first step.

Stop living in the past, and search for new opportunities to improve your life. Surround yourself with positive people, and don’t wait for life to be perfect. Instead, practice things that make you happy and allow your life to change for a better future.

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  1. I have been facing the fear of change lately and couldn’t find something as helpful as this article. I love how it motivates you to take the courage to change your life for your betterment. Love this!

  2. I agree. Doing one thing you love makes all the difference. Sometimes fear holds us back from trying something new but it’s always so rewarding when you push yourself beyond your limits.

  3. It’s correct that personal growth and enrichment cannot happen without change. The problem is we grow too comfortable with a status quo, making change a scary thing.

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