Comparison Is the Thief of Joy and Ways to Avoid it

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy and Ways to Avoid it

How often have you seen someone on social media and immediately compared your life with theirs? We all do this very often. The consequence of comparing yourself to others is that you develop jealousy for them if they have more than you. Or you start feeling a sense of inferiority. We all know that comparison is the thief of joy, but we are so habitual of comparing, that we can’t help ourselves. But today, I have gathered some ways for you to avoid comparing yourself to others. 

I have seen many people being depressed just because of comparing their life to people on social media. I won’t convince you that everything you see on social media is fake. I know people fake their happiness on social media platforms, but that isn’t always the case. Instead of blaming people who flaunt their blessings, we need to dig deep and find something that we can change inside us. 

In life, you’ll come across millions of people. That means you’ll find many who are better than you. Some may be better than you in finance, some in relationships, some in physical appearance, etc. In today’s article, we will ponder over why the comparison is the thief of joy and ways you can avoid it.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

 A well-known quote from Theodore Roosevelt that Comparison is the thief of joy is what we’ll be discussing in this article. In simple terms, comparison with others takes away our happiness, leaving us sad and ungrateful.

It means we kill our own happiness by comparing it with others. It becomes the thief of our joy when we start becoming discontent with what we have, just for the desire to have more.

We all have a different life; God has blessed each of us differently. Don’t let comparison come between you and your happiness; because if it does, it will take away your satisfaction from your life.

How Does Comparison Affect Our Life?

Our life becomes beautiful just by our attitude. If you keep complaining about things you lack in life, you will never be happy with the things you have.

Think for a moment, will you ever be happy if you keep getting jealous of others? It will keep you frustrated and upset. 

You are perfect the way you are. Don’t let self-doubt hold you down. It could lead you to be sad and depressed. If we look deeply into our lives, we will find many things to be grateful for. Live life to the fullest and stop comparing yourself to others. 

How Comparison is the Thief of Joy?

Let’s talk about why the comparison is the thief of our joy.

1. It makes us feel inferior

Constantly comparing yourself to others can create a sense of inferiority. You may not feel like spending time with friends, colleagues, or even family members. You feel like isolating yourself due to a lack of confidence. 

When you feel unsatisfied with your own life, you feel inferior to others. You might develop low self-esteem and a sense of self-depreciation. It also makes you overly sensitive, resulting in poor relationships. All of this happens due to comparison, hence making your life miserable.

2. It makes us depressed

Depression comes as a consequence when you keep comparing your possessions with others. Learn to be happy for others; you might not know how long a person waited to be blessed by a particular thing. Clap for your friends when they achieve something. Maybe today is their day and tomorrow yours. Life becomes easier when we start supporting each other. Love and be loved.  

3. It makes us lose hope

Eventually, you will lose hope if you keep yourself occupied with negative and anxious thoughts. There comes an extreme point when you have that feeling that nothing ever works in your favor. Or maybe, that you aren’t lucky. Please don’t get into the cycle of complaining about your fate. We all are lucky in some way or another. You might be lucky in finances, having a good job, or making good money, but your friend might be lucky in having good relationships and having more friends who love them. We are blessed in our ways; we cannot compare our lives to others.

4. It makes us unkind

I have experienced that being kind is easy when you’re happy. Stress and anxiety make our behavior irritating. We quickly get annoyed by people around us if we’re battling anxious thoughts. Comparison affects our mood and can make us mentally unhealthy. To keep yourself happy, you need to be content with what you have and be kind to others.

3 Ways to Avoid Comparison

Don’t get worried; we all make comparisons in some way. Now that you know comparison is the thief of joy let me share some ways to avoid it.

1. Be Happy with what you have

The number one tip I would like to share is to count your blessings. Learn to be satisfied with what God has bestowed upon you from His mercy. The reason that we deserve better shouldn’t be an excuse for comparison. This should be the reason to work hard towards your goals and not to compare for getting envious.

2. Be at service for others

Helping others can bring you instant happiness, but it can also help you to come out of the habit of comparing. You might be wondering how? When we keep ourselves busy doing good to others, it results in our own happiness. Ultimately, we stop comparing and start working to make our life better. It also results in being happy for others on their achievements or possessions.

3. Be happy in what you do

Appreciating what we do can also prevent us from comparing. You should be happy about your own job, efforts, and hard work. Compare yourself to the person you were previously. Did you get better this year than the last year? Or are you working harder this time to achieve your goals than the last time? If you have a job, you should be grateful for it, as many people face employment issues. Only if you start thinking like this; you will stop comparing.

The Final Word

Comparison is the thief of our joy, and we can make an effort to get out of this comparison trap. It dramatically affects our life and can gradually make the quality of our life poor. 

Not just that, the habit of comparing has many consequences. It does not just steal our joy, but it can also keep us bothered with the feeling of inferiority. We lose hope when we constantly think of ourselves as inferior to others. I know it’s normal to have negative thoughts that maybe nothing good will ever happen to me. I have been through this phase a lot, and I have learned that it only happens when you don’t find a solution to what’s bothering you.

If you get yourself sad about something you don’t have, instantly recall all the things you possess. So, you save yourself from being depressed in the first place. Because if you don’t, it can also affect your behavior and relationships with others. 

Be satisfied with what you have to live a peaceful life. Find ways to keep yourself happy so you don’t get jealous of others’ happiness. That’s how you can achieve tranquility in life.




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