Distance Yourself from Social Media for a Fulfilling Life

Distance Yourself from Social Media for a Fulfilling Life

Have you ever felt the desire to distance yourself from social media? We all love to spend time on social media, but sometimes we just need a break from it. And today, we’ll learn how you can actually distance yourself from social media easily!

Social media loses its attraction when we spend the entire day scrolling through our news feed. In fact, it becomes overwhelming and leaves us tired. Sometimes we wonder how can we get exhausted just by spending time on social media apps; we didn’t even do anything physical? 

It’s not always the physical activities that leave us worn out, but mental exhaustion. Social media affects your mental health, and when you spend hours on it, your mental health declines leaving you frustrated. 

We all know what kind of fatigue we get if we use social media for a long time. But sadly, we can’t help ourselves. Do you know the reason why? 

We are convinced that we need to sit back and relax when we are done with our responsibilities. And the wrong concept we all bear in our minds is that social media relaxes us. 

I’ve heard people saying that it’s necessary to check social media to keep in touch with the world. I agree; they are right. But does that mean checking social media apps every hour of the day? Question yourself, is that essential?  

Taking a break from work, checking social media, and returning to the task at hand affects our attention span. It shifts our focus to what’s necessarily unimportant. 

What happens when you disconnect from social media?

Disconnecting yourself from social media allows you to start giving time to yourself, the precious ones around you, and those who need you. You connect with the world on a deeper level. Now, you don’t just like and comment on random photos, but you find time to interact with real people. You start giving time to people around you, and in return, you receive love. 

When you distance yourself from social media, it provides you with an opportunity to help people. You start acting the way a human should. For example, when you see someone who can’t carry his groceries, you go to him and lend a helping hand instead of passing like a robot looking at his phone screen. 

Relationships require time and attention, and if you are spending time on social media more than spending time with your spouse or kids, you will lack satisfaction in life. And social media can never bring you peace and contentment, which we all need in our life. 

Distancing yourself from social media also helps you reach your goals or meet your targets fast. When you get rid of the social media distraction, you find a lot of time to work on your goals. 

How to disconnect from social media

Below you can check out some ways to spend less time on social media for a fulfilling life; 

1.  Delete unnecessary social media apps

Don’t be scared; I’m not asking you to delete all the social media applications. I know we need some of them for essential purposes like business communications. 

Here I am asking you to delete social media applications that don’t serve to make your life better. Use a browser for apps like Facebook or Instagram if you need them. When we have apps on our mobile phones, it becomes easy to access them. And even when you don’t intend to spend much time, you can’t resist and start scrolling.  

2.  Set a social media hour

I know it won’t be easy for you to distance yourself from social media entirely. But there’s one thing you can try. Just for a week, make an intention that you will use social media for one hour only in a day. I am asking you to do it for a week, and once you see the results, you’ll automatically do it for the other weeks. 

I have tried limiting social media for a week, and since then, I have been using it less. I saw a significant difference in my life. I started looking for ways to spend my free time. You’ll find time to do things you love without compromising on the time you need to work on your goals. Your focus at work will increase, and you will be more productive. I’m sure that once you take the first step to distance yourself from social media, you’ll be surprised by all the good that entered your life. 

3.  Replace social media with books

Replace the time you used to spend on social media with reading books. Reading has a significant effect on your mental health; it helps reduce stress and boosts your mood. 

Reading also helps you learn and explore new things. It can take you to places where you can get an escape from reality. It helps to improve your concentration and motivates you to do better in life. Reading personal development books can help you succeed in life and find your true purpose. Reading can also help you distance yourself from social media before going to bed. 

4.  Spend time with real people

Today we keep our relations with others alive only through social media. The pleasure we get by meeting each other can never be fulfilled by liking and commenting on each other’s posts. 

Instead of connecting on social media, make time for friends and family and enjoy time together. Not only you can help each other, but planning something to do together can also help you create a positive environment at home. It could be cooking together with your spouse, playing games with kids, or simply having a coffee with your partner. We all need love and affection, and when you spend time with people, it will become easy to distance yourself from social media.

5.  Focus on what’s important

Focusing on what’s important in your life can help you distance yourself from social media. You might have noticed that when we’re working on something important, our focus stays on our project. In the same way, when we find our ‘why’ in life, we’re more likely to spend time working on our goals than scrolling uselessly on social media.

6.  Do things that bring you joy

Keeping yourself indulged in activities that bring you joy can also help to distance yourself from social media. It’s no wonder that we don’t check social media when we are happy. In joyful moments, we focus more on our lives than the lives of others. 

Doing something that brings you joy can make you happy and improve your mood. Plus, the motive of staying away from social media will be achieved. 

7.  Enjoy your mornings in nature

Are you habitual of checking social media the first thing in the morning? If yes, make a morning routine and don’t add checking social media to it. Instead, plan to spend your morning close to nature. Go for a walk in the park, feed the birds, or meditate somewhere outdoors in the fresh breeze. 

When you start your day in a fulfilling way, you will have a positive attitude throughout your day. It will make you cheerful and help you disconnect from social media the entire day. 

8.  Don’t sleep with mobile

We don’t just start our day with social media; we end it with it too. Be honest with yourself; don’t you have a habit of checking social media before you sleep?

To distance yourself from social media, don’t sleep with your mobile. Try to keep your mobile phones down an hour before sleep for a peaceful night’s sleep.

9.  Accept social media is disconnected from reality 

Everything that is shown on social media is not real. When you accept this reality, the urge to check on other people’s lives will go away. Don’t be fooled by edited pictures with lots of filters. 

Embrace your life, don’t compare your life to those on social media, as the comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t judge people by their posts; we all have our own flaws, and nobody’s perfect. 

The Final Word

Don’t be so addicted to social media that you cannot stay without it. You gain nothing from spending hours on these social media apps. The best thing you can do to lead a fulfilling life is to distance yourself from social media. 

The things you’re wasting your precious time on are not even real. But the relationships you’re neglecting just to spend time on social media are special. You shouldn’t take the people around you for granted. 

Focus on your career goals because that’s what will matter in the long run. Stopping running after trends on social media, it won’t make your life any better. 

Appreciate the people in your life, spend time with loved ones, work towards your goals, and live life to the fullest.

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  1. I love these tips! I really need to distance myself from social media. I would love to cut it out all together. But, having a blog makes it necessary. I love the idea of a social hour. I need to start scheduling that, and do what I need in that hour. Thanks for sharing!

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