Forget the Past and Move On with Your Life

Forget the Past and Move On with Your Life

Have you been trapped in past memories and want relief from it? Today, I have gathered some best practices to help you forget the past and move on with your life. 

We all have memories in our minds, both good and bad. No matter how old they are, memories take us back to the moment, and we feel the same as we’ve felt the first time. Good memories make us feel good, like a treasure hidden in our heads. But that’s not the same for bad memories. 

It’s impossible to forget the events of our life, good or bad. But all we can do is lessen the impact of our memories on our lives, especially the bad ones. As good times make us happy, bad times of our lives make us sad and affect our entire life.

Some of us get so troubled by something that happened to us in the past that even when we want to, we can’t forget it. And it not only keeps us depressed but ceases us from moving forward in life.  

How to forget the past? 

If you’re someone who cannot forget past mistakes or past memories, then you don’t need to get worried. It takes time to let go and move on with life. 

Rushing things or forcing yourself to forget the past will not help you move on. In fact, you will start thinking more about it. When we try to avoid something, we’re more likely to think about it. Give yourself time to heal and then proceed forward in life. 

Here are 9 ways that have helped me forget the bad experiences of my life, and they will surely help you too;

1.  Accept your feelings 

The best thing you can do to forget the past is to accept your feelings. We are wrong; when we think that to forget the past, we need to stop thinking about it. We have to accept that whatever happened has happened, and if we’re feeling bad at the moment, that’s alright. We shouldn’t be ashamed of how we’re feeling!

Don’t hide your pain from yourself by avoiding it because no matter how long you keep it inside; it will come out. The later it comes out, the more pain you will feel. 

Initially, you will feel that you’ve let go, and now you’re strong, but one day all the feelings you resist will take control of your mind, and it can leave you helpless. 

It’s better to heal yourself first so you don’t have to keep visiting the past in the future. To heal yourself, write down how you’re feeling and what you can do to start enjoying life again. It’s a slow process, but it will help you forget the past and move on with your life. 

2.  Ask for help from a trusted friend 

Sometimes, we can’t sort out things on our own. So, you should seek help from a trusted friend or family member. Good friends encourage you to take the right steps for yourself. Living in the past makes us so hopeless that it takes away the hope for a better future. 

Friends not only helps us see things from a different perspective, but they also help us move on with our life with their support and encouragement. When we live in our past for a long time, we start blaming ourselves for why things didn’t go our way. Talking about your thoughts to someone helps you realize whether you were responsible for them or not? 

Most of the time, we blame ourselves, even when we have done nothing wrong. Instead of seeing the fault of the other person, we blame ourselves. When you talk about it and tell your worries to a friend or family member, they listen to you and help you escape that repeating cycle of negative thoughts you’ve been trapped in. 

What’s meant to happen will happen. And you shouldn’t think that if you had done something differently, you could have made things better. No, my friend, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t stop something from happening. Accept things the way they are, and go on with life.

3.  Stop replaying memories in your head

Are you struggling with memories that keep replaying in your head? This is something ubiquitous when we’re living in the past. No matter what, we can’t stop our brains from thinking about the past. But, you don’t need to worry! I have got you a secret tip to prevent the flashback of memories. 

Whenever you see yourself dreaming about the past, stop yourself with a specific thought. It could be replacing that thought with a positive affirmation or prayer. Each time you repeat past experiences, immediately pray to God to help you eliminate them. I have practiced this tip, and believe me when you keep praying as many times as you think about the past, your prayer will definitely get answered.

Let me share my experience related to this tip. I was using this technique, and after a few weeks, I started noticing that I was not consciously thinking about the past. I was looking for ways to bring myself back to life and was doing good in life. One day I suddenly had an unconscious thought from my past, and you know what happened? Without a second thought, my brain brought the same prayer I had been praying for. I was so glad that even when I no longer needed that prayer, my brain did what I used to do on its own. I was surprised how this technique helped me forget the past and move on with my life.  

4. Forgive without receiving an apology

Telling your story to everyone will never heal your wounds. Stop talking about what happened and who did you what. If you keep talking or reminding yourself about the past, you will find it difficult to forgive. Whether forgiving the person who hurt you or forgiving yourself, do it for your own peace and happiness. Forgiving will help you grow and forget the past.

When you forgive, you lift the burden off of your shoulders. You feel more calm and relaxed. Entering such a phase helps you live in the present and work towards a happy future. 

5.  Cut off unhealthy relationships

To forget the past, you need to cut off unhealthy relationships. Some people in our life don’t let us forget our past mistakes. This holds us back and makes us feel bad. 

We shouldn’t allow people in our life that stop us from moving forward in life. You can easily identify relationships that don’t help you grow. If you can’t cut off those relationships, at least avoid them. 

When trying to forget the past and move on with your life, avoid toxic people in your life, and don’t let anyone come between you and your healing process. 

6.  Stop repeating mistakes 

Every experience of our life has something to teach us. Remember the lessons your past experiences have taught you. This will help you to stop repeating mistakes in the future.

Sometimes a lesson keeps repeating until we learn it. Whenever something goes wrong, evaluate yourself and look if there’s a lesson behind it. 

When you seek lessons from your bad experiences, you become a better version of yourself. You get aware of the results that will come if you repeat the same mistakes. 

Learn the lessons and stop repeating past mistakes for a fulfilling future.

7.  Engage yourself in work

Engaging yourself in some sort of work will make you busy. It will result in thinking less about the past, and eventually, you will start moving on with your life. To forget the past, we must move forward in life and engage in new activities like learning a new language, enrolling in a university program, or applying for new jobs. Whatever you’re trying to heal from, whether the past employment or relationship, you must take the first step to start living life again. 

8.  Appreciate your strengths

Living in the past, we forget to see life from a positive perspective. Not just that, the constant cycle of self-criticism or self-blaming makes us forget our strengths. We start degrading ourselves, thinking of ourselves as weak or inferior. Whereas the past has nothing to do with yourself, it was just a part of life. Accept what happened and appreciate that you did your best. If still, things didn’t work out, then that was just a matter of fate. 

The Final Word 

No matter how prosperous we become, there is always a bitter past behind all of us. In life, we all go through losses. But, this doesn’t mean your life ended there, and you’re going to waste your remaining energy by thinking about it. 

We should learn the art of letting go because time never stops for anyone. It’s better to heal from your wounds and get back to life. It might take weeks or months, but if you try, you will forget the past. That’s how life works; go with the flow to live healthily. Forget all the past mistakes and start your new in a new way. 

In the comments, let me know what practices you do to stop living in the past. 

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