How to Get Back on Track When You Feel Lost

How to Get Back on Track When You Feel Lost

Feeling lost at some point in life is something we all go through. But that’s ok, as long as you know how to get back on track. If you have no idea where you’re going in life and how to make things better, give yourself a break. Giving yourself time to ponder the situation will help you get back on track when you feel lost.

Today we’ll go through some ways to get back on track when you feel lost. But before we dive into today’s topic, let’s look at what to do when you feel like all is lost and you can’t see the path ahead.

What to do when you feel like all is lost?

There could be many reasons you feel lost in life. It may feel like you have lost purpose in life, or you’re unhappy with how your life is. But whatever you have gone through or may be going through shouldn’t stop you from moving forward in life. Maybe you can’t see how your life will improve at the moment, but if you try, you’ll eventually figure it out.

To get back on track when you feel lost is difficult if you keep running away from your problems. That’s what most of us do. Maybe we try to avoid everything going wrong and distract ourselves with unnecessary things. But no matter how far you run away, you’ll be coming back to the mess again. It’s good to stay where you are and look to make things better. The best advice to get back on track when you feel lost is to give yourself time and analyze where your life is going and how to make life better. Now let’s move to the ways to get back on track when you feel lost.

How to Get Back on Track When You Feel Lost?

Below are some ways to get back on track when you feel lost;

1. Accept how you’re feeling

As we have discussed above, you need to accept that whatever you’re feeling is temporary, and you’re not alone in this to get back on track when you feel lost. We all feel lost at some point in our lives. But we don’t need to hold ourselves accountable for our feelings. As humans, it’s ok to feel lost sometimes. Lift the burden off by accepting where you are in life because that’s how you’ll start seeing the bigger picture.

2. Take small steps in the right direction

After accepting your current situation, try to take small steps in the right direction. Before taking action, you need to focus on where you want yourself to be in life. You decide where you’ll be in the future. Because if you choose today and start working towards your goals, you will find opportunities along the way.

It’s challenging to find ways to a better life when you’re lost, but if you start taking small steps, they will lead to bigger ones in the future.

3. Create a work plan

When you accept your feelings and start taking small steps, you eventually start seeing things clearly. The challenging part is to take the first step to see where to start. And once you’ve reached that point and you got a clear idea of where to start, creating a work plan becomes easy. Because the key to achieving a goal is to start taking steps in that direction. And once you start taking steps, things begin to align.

Write down everything that has helped you in the past to be motivated and brought fruitful results. You know what works for you, and keeping that in mind, start creating a new work plan.

Creating a plan for yourself will boost your motivation to work towards your destination. Plus, you won’t be exhausted having so much to do. Following your plan will help you move slowly and steadily without repeating past mistakes.

4. Forgive yourself for your mistakes

When you start again, it’s natural to think about mistakes you made in the past. And how those mistakes impacted your life. Thoughts like, “How could I be this stupid to make such mistakes?” are normal, but how would we learn if we don’t make mistakes? Forgive yourself for whatever happened, and focus on moving forward.

5. Seek help if you need it

Most of the time, helping ourselves get out becomes impossible if we get trapped in our anxious thoughts. If you’re in a situation where all your past mistakes keep repeating in your head, you may need help from a trusted friend. You don’t need to bear it all by yourself, share what you’re going through with your trusted friends or family members, and you may feel relieved.

Sometimes just talking about your problems helps you lighten your burdens and seek solutions to your problems. It will help you get out of the darkness and help you release all the negative thoughts you’ve been holding to.

6. Give yourself a break

We often feel exhausted working on our career goals, especially when feeling lost. I know you need time to regain focus and bring back the lost motivation. But don’t neglect yourself when you’ve created your work plan and started to work on your goal. This is what we often do. We get so much involved in work that we forget to spare time for ourselves. Apart from moving towards your goals, you must give yourself breaks to regain energy. To get back on track when you feel lost, you need to indulge in activities that bring you joy. To stop feeling anxious and tired, do something that boosts your mood and return to everyday life.

7. Recharge yourself emotionally

Recharge yourself emotionally to get back on track when you feel lost. Do something that brings you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. It’s normal to feel mentally drained when you feel lost in life. And most of the time, we feel lost due to a lack of contentment and purpose.

Starting something productive from scratch when you’re feeling lost in life could be very challenging. Because in those times, we feel low and exhausted. And we don’t have the energy to produce something or work hard to achieve our goals. To beat the anxiety that builds from feeling lost in life, do something that brings you joy and contentment. It could be anything like a favorite hobby, spending time with loved ones, going for a staycation, or anything that suits you best.

8. Practice positive talk

To get back on track when you feel lost, practice positive self-talk. Don’t let yourself be the victim of your negative thought cycle. I know it’s difficult to detach yourself from your thoughts, but you have to do it. Or else you’ll stay in the past, blaming yourself and others for how life has been.

Tell yourself that everything in life will improve. And sooner or later, you’ll find ways to move forward and make your life fulfilling. Your positive attitude towards life will help you see life from a different perspective, opening you to countless opportunities.

9.  Silence your inner critic

To get back on track when feeling lost, you should stop criticizing yourself. Don’t allow yourself to listen to your negative thoughts. If you keep thinking about all the time wasted feeling lost, you will never be able to get back on track. Believe in yourself and improve your self-confidence by feeding yourself with positivity and encouragement.

When you keep criticizing yourself for what happened, it will become a barrier to self-improvement. Don’t hold yourself from moving forward and living the life you always dreamt of.

10. Avoid distractions

Distractions are one of the reasons why we can’t get back on track. To get back on track, the most important thing we have to do is to leave those things that are distracting us. When we feel lost, we must look inside ourselves and seek solutions. It might sound good to hang out with friends, but it won’t help you escape your sadness. Because when we aren’t doing something meaningful in life, we lack satisfaction.  

To get back on track when feeling lost, we should stay determined toward our dreams and accomplish them. And, we need to avoid things that keep us off track. For example, distance yourself from social media to get back on track when feeling lost.

11. Be kind to yourself

You cannot get back on track when feeling lost, without being kind to yourself. You should be kind to yourself and let go of what mistakes and problems you have encountered in the past.

Be kind to yourself when you mistake because self-blaming won’t help you but may lower your self-confidence. As discussed above, we must silence our inner critics and be kind to ourselves.

12. Be consistent in your efforts

To get back on track when you feel lost; you should be consistent in your efforts. Don’t just gather courage one day and feel lost the other day again. No matter how small but take steps in the right direction daily. Because when you start achieving small goals, you’ll be motivated to achieve bigger ones.

And as we have discussed that you should make a work plan, so try to act according to it. It will help you be consistent and make progress each day.

13. Don’t envy others

Sometimes you can’t get back up when feeling lost because you focus more on others than yourself. If you keep blaming or hating others, you will never make an effort to improve your life.

You don’t need to accuse yourself or others for everything that happened because neither will help. Forget the past and move on; things will improve gradually.

14. Adopt productive habits

If you’re feeling lost and demotivated, it’s just alright. We, humans, sometimes get tired of following the same daily routine every day. But the exciting thing is that if we adopt some productive habits, we will see apparent changes in ourselves. Let’s adopt these habits so that we can get back on track when feeling lost:

  1. Give yourself a positive start by having a good breakfast, meditating, and praying.
  2. Practice little acts of kindness daily, and you’ll feel satisfied.
  3. If you feel tired from doing your work, you can take a little break. To put in consistent efforts, you must take small breaks between tasks.
  4. Whatever hurdle you face while working, don’t skip and move forward. Instead, fix mistakes so you won’t be meeting them again.

The Final Word

Getting back on track when you feel lost can be challenging. But it’s possible, and it’s ok to experience such times in life. You should keep a positive attitude and prevent yourself from being hopeless. Because as long as you’re alive, you have endless opportunities in front of you.

If you keep crying over your past losses or missed opportunities, you will never be able to make the most of the present. Keep working on your goals, and as you move forward, you’ll find the path meant for you. 

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