How to Build a Strong Positive Self-Image

How to Build a Strong Positive Self-Image

How do you perceive yourself when you see yourself in the mirror? Do you see yourself and feel proud of who you are? Or do you feel bad about yourself? How we see ourselves in the mirror is connected to how we think about ourselves. Building a positive self-image is essential for enjoying life to the fullest, as having a negative self-image stops us from believing in ourselves. Feeling sad about yourself when looking in the mirror could indicate that you’re not happy with where you are in life or what you’re doing. In today’s article, we’ll see how to build a positive self-image and examples of positive and negative self-images.

What is a Positive Self-Image?

A positive Self-Image is seeing yourself as worthy, capable, and confident. It’s looking at yourself and feeling happy. Having a positive self-image is when you see in the mirror, you see the best version of yourself. It doesn’t mean being groomed all the time; it means you love yourself enough that no matter how you look, you are proud of who you are. 

Having a positive self-image means you’re happy in your life and that you’re satisfied with what you’re doing in life. It could also mean that you’re proud of your accomplishments. Creating a positive self-image has a link with our happiness and success in life.

The Power of Self-Image

We all have noticed that we often see ourselves as pretty when we’re happy. It’s not about how you look; it’s all about how you feel inside that determines your self-image. If you keep feeding your mind positive thoughts and happy moments, you’ll start seeing yourself as fortunate and blissful. How you see yourself determines what you’ll be in the future.

A positive self-image doesn’t depend on what material things you possess; it’s connected with what you feel about yourself. You can have a million possessions but cannot build a positive self-image if you lack love for yourself.

You might have heard that all goods things start from within. If you want to see positive changes in your life, start with thinking positively. 

10  Positive Self-Image Examples

Here are some examples of having a positive self-image;

  • You look at yourself with love and affection
  • You feel like you’re capable of achieving all your goals
  • You enjoy life in a way most people don’t
  • You treat others with kindness
  • You don’t get sad when others taunt you
  • You are ready to go the extra mile to help others
  • You are kind to yourself when you make a mistake
  • You stop comparing yourself to others
  • You become humble and grateful
  • You don’t hesitate to accept your mistakes

10  Negative Self-Image Examples

Here are some examples of having a negative self-image;

  • You don’t believe in yourself
  • You seek approval from others
  • You complain about your life and its problems
  • You feel nothing good will ever happen to you
  • You want others to make you feel loved
  • You are self-critical
  • You focus on your weakness rather than strengths
  • You lack confidence and have low self-esteem
  • You lack the courage to stand up for yourself
  • You find it difficult to value yourself

How to Build a Positive Self-Image?

Now let’s see how to build a positive self-image;

1. Love Who You Are

The key step to building a positive self-image is to love who you are. We’ve grown up in a world that has taught us many standards to call ourselves beautiful, happy, or prosperous. The best definition of being beautiful, happy, or successful is what suits you the best, something that allows you to be your true self.

Many people are trying to lose some extra pounds to be called beautiful. But all your hard work is in vain if that effort stops you from loving who you are. Work to get in shape, but don’t hate yourself for who you are today.

If you know how to love yourself, you will never excuse that you don’t look beautiful or you’re not making enough money. Because if you think you’re going to love yourself only when you’ll be the best of yourself, then this is just a misconception of self-love.

2. Stop Comparing

If you keep looking at people better than you, how would you appreciate who you are? When we see people doing or looking better than us, it creates a sense of inferiority. It causes us to compare ourselves to them. You don’t have to look around and compare yourself to others.

If there’s someone you admire, then that’s not bad. If someone is doing what you always dreamt of, ask for some tips. When you don’t compare yourselves to others, you stop being jealous of people doing better than you. So, it doesn’t make you feel bad for going to them for some suggestions.

3. Appreciate your efforts

To build a positive self-image, don’t devalue your efforts if you can’t achieve your desired results. Efforts are still appreciable even if they didn’t take us to our destination. You need to be proud of your efforts and your hard work.

You don’t make it to the end overnight. Success is a long journey, and you should know how to keep going when the going gets tough. If you keep falling on every hurdle you face in your path, you might develop a negative mindset.

Building a positive image is about believing in yourself after failure and knowing that you’re you can move despite these temporary bumps in your path.

4. Reward Yourself

To build a positive self-image, you need to make yourself happy. Do something that brings you a sense of satisfaction. We can’t always celebrate considerable accomplishments to be satisfied because if we wait for these times, we can only be happy a few times. Significant achievements take time, but you can always reward yourself for smaller accomplishments and celebrate them. It will help you create a positive self-image and start seeing yourself as worthy and capable.

We all are capable and deserving of success, but we need to show ourselves so that we don’t get into self-denial. Keep taking steps in the right direction, no matter how small.

5. Focus on your strengths

Focusing on your strengths helps you be more confident and happy. When you know your strengths, you use them in the right way to produce meaningful results. It enables you to build a positive self-image because when we don’t know what we’re capable of, we get trapped in anxious thoughts; we start questioning our abilities. This causes us to develop a negative self-image rather than a positive self-image.

Identifying your strengths also gives you the motivation to work on your weaknesses. You might have noticed that when someone appreciates something in you, you become encouraged to do much better the next time. That’s how we function; we need appreciation to be better.

In the same way, if you appreciate your strengths, you will move towards more improvement. But if you criticize or blame yourself, you won’t be able to build a positive self-image and might lose motivation to be better.

6. Set healthy goals

Setting goals is good for being productive and keeping your motivation high. To build a positive self-image, you need to set goals that keep you going and help you find direction in life.

You build a positive self-image when you know what you’re doing in life and how it will impact your future. Every step brings you a sense of achievement, making you proud of yourself.

To build a positive self-image, you should set healthy goals like adding physical activity to your routine, eating a healthy diet, and doing things that are good for your physical and mental health.

7. Pamper yourself

Just as you need to add healthy routines to your life, you need to do things that make you happy and content. Doing things that make you happy can instantly improve your self-image and help you build a positive one.

For example, when you have pampered yourself at a spa, you instantly feel good about yourself. We all need time to look after ourselves and take a break from our daily routine.

You can spend a day at the spa, walk in nature, light candles, try a bubble bath, or cook your favorite dish. You can do many things to build your self-image and find lost joy in life.

8. Don’t change yourself for others

If you’re working to create a positive self-image, know that for this, you should stop changing yourself for others. We often change ourselves to get approval or for others to like us. If you keep changing yourself for others to like us, you will never really appreciate your true self.

If someone doesn’t like you the way you are, it’s their problem, not yours. Because in the end, it’s always you. We go through good and bad times all on our own. You might have supportive people around you, but you need to learn to face the challenges of your life alone. You can’t have someone around you all the time. So, if you want to build a positive self-image, don’t change yourself; embrace your flaws and work on making yourself a better person. You need to take responsibility for your life because that’s essential to building a positive self-image.

9. Get back your spark

Stay focused, and don’t let others disturb your mental health because when others occupy your mind, your quality of work gets disturbed. To build a positive self-image, you must get back your spark and focus on your purpose. As we discussed before, to improve your self-image, you need to do something that brings you satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

If you’ve been struggling to build a positive self-image, remember your purpose in life. No matter how difficult it seems to get back on track, start working on your goals again. The importance of having clear goals in life is immense, especially if you want a positive self-image.

The Final Word

Building a positive self-image is crucial for living a fulfilling life. Our self-image decides everything we will achieve in life. If you have a positive self-image, you’re more likely to be successful and confident than others that lack a positive self-image.

We all go through challenging times in life, but it shouldn’t stop us from loving who we are. Be confident and trust your abilities, and eventually, you will start living the life you want.

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