How to Embrace Your Dark Side

How to Embrace Your Dark Side

Have you ever felt awful because of your flaws? We all have a dark side that we feel ashamed to embrace. To be outstanding in life and achieve remarkable goals, we must know our strengths and embrace our flaws.

We all face rough life situations and lack something that others have. Whether feeling down because of a past incident or cursing yourself for a mistake, know that it’s OK if things aren’t how you wanted them to be. Plus, we all have some poor qualities that serve as a barrier to a happy life. Instead of feeding yourself negativity that you can never achieve bliss in life because of these bad habits, try to change them.

Today we will see how you can embrace your dark side and work towards a better future.

What Does It Mean to Embrace Your Dark side?

Embracing your dark side means accepting all the bad things you have in your life and making your way toward improvements. It means you don’t hold yourself back because of the things you can’t change.

Some of us don’t pursue our dreams or go after our goals because of our self-doubt. We focus on things we are not good at and stop ourselves from taking steps toward our dreams. We should go after what we love and believe we are capable of achieving our goals.

Even if you have flaws or imperfections, don’t let them prevent you from making your life fulfilling and rewarding. You can pick up stories of great achievers in history and learn that every one of them has to fight a battle or survive a storm. Success doesn’t come easy, and to be successful, you should embrace your dark side and combat the tough situations of your life.

How to Accept your Dark Side?

Now let’s see how to embrace your dark side. Here are 10 ways to embrace your dark side and live a confident life;

1. Appreciate how you are

Appreciating who you are is the secret to becoming confident and comfortable in who you are. People will let you down in life, but you must ignore them to embrace your dark side and flourish in your goals. If you keep listening to negative people, they will lower your self-esteem.

We should have a positive perspective of ourselves so that what others say might not affect our mental health. Everybody is unique, so we should not compare ourselves to others. Instead, we should love the way we are and accept our flaws. Don’t let your flaws make you feel inferior because people will find something to criticize even if you’re perfect. 

2. Stop chasing perfection

We, humans, are imperfect. None of us is perfect, and there is nothing wrong with it. We need to stop chasing perfection and embrace our dark side. In life, we learn new lessons, and those important lessons help us to live life rightly.

To live life peacefully, we need to embrace our imperfections. Don’t be afraid of failures and mistakes; even the people who are now billionaires have faced losses in life. But these mistakes improved them. Remember a golden rule: if Lord wants to give you something great, He first prepares you for it. Like He teaches you to stay patient and kind in every situation.

I know that the people who are jealous of us make fun of us when we make mistakes. Let them do what they want; Lord will make us successful if we stay steadfast. Stay focused on your goals and learn from your mistakes. To truly embrace your dark side, focus on making yourself a better person and stop seeking validation from others.

3. Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself and stop self-criticism. We should stop criticizing ourselves so that we don’t get hopeless. People who struggle to love themselves or can’t embrace their imperfections tend to face more stress than those who are confident in who they are. If you keep punishing yourself for things you can’t control, you’ll get into self-doubt and shatter your self-confidence.

Stop controlling things that are out of your control. If you regret something you can’t change, know that regretting won’t change your situation. Be kind and forgive yourself for mistakes that can’t be changed. Move forward, and don’t be harsh on yourself.

4. Focus on what you have

Focusing on all the good things you possess will help you embrace your dark side. In addition, being grateful for what you have allows you to attain self-fulfillment. Sometimes, we become so hopeless that we ignore our blessings and focus on negative things.

We have many blessings to which we don’t pay heed. But when we lost them, we realized how vital those blessings were. So to avoid this regret, we should focus on what we have instead of what others have. If you have a dark side that you are ashamed to embrace, know that every one of us has something we don’t like. Nobody’s perfect, but confident are those who know how to embrace the dark side and grow in life.

 Assume that your friend has a lot of money, but he doesn’t have good health. On the other hand, you are not that rich, but you have good health. This example shows that what you have is what your friend wants and what he has you like that. So it means we should be grateful because gratefulness attracts more blessings.

5. Set new goals

To embrace your dark side, you should shift your focus from your flaws. Start focusing on making your life better and find your purpose. Set new goals and start working towards them. Nothing brings us more happiness than upgrading our life and working on things that will raise the standard of our life.

Setting new goals will eventually bring charm and motivation to your life. It will help you to focus on what’s important and allow you to live a purposeful life. When we are free and don’t have a purpose in life, we often get depressed, even for the little things. When you’re focused on achieving goals, you feel motivated in life. And you don’t focus on what others say. When you’re working towards your dreams with passion, you get inner satisfaction and fulfillment, which helps you lead a happy life.

6. Take a break from social media

Most people fake their lives on social media. People show themselves as perfect on social media, and we compare our real versions with their highlighted reels. When you spend most of your time on social media, your productivity decreases, and you start belittling yourself.

To avoid wasting your time, try taking a break from social media. People’s real life is mostly different from what they show on social media. Staying away from social media is the best way to avoid fake people. If you keep yourself engaged with fake people, it will be difficult for you to embrace your dark side.

7. Adopt positive habits

You must keep yourself physically and mentally healthy to embrace your dark side. For that, add some healthy habits to your daily routine. Do that bring you joy and calm down your mind. Walking is a great way to lower your stress levels and help you stay active. Focus on keeping yourself hydrated and getting quality sleep. It will prevent you from getting anxious about little things and help you cope with difficult situations.

Indulge in physical activities and follow a healthy diet. Embracing your dark side becomes difficult when you are anxious and stressed, as everything annoys you. To embrace your dark side, you must start by bringing your mind to peace.

8. Improve your self-confidence

To embrace your dark side, you need self-confidence. Accepting yourself raises your self-esteem.  People will always try to let you down, but you should believe in yourself to the extent that no matter what others say, your self-confidence should not be lowered. You should have enough strength that when you lose in any field of your life, you should not become hopeless or sad; instead, you should remember that after difficulty comes relief.

Failure should not become a source of destroying your self-confidence. you. Embrace your flaws and use your mistakes as they were a part of your learning. Remember that you are the best version of yourself; if you don’t like something, try to amend it. If you’re looking to build a positive self-image, check this article.

9. Surround yourself with uplifting people

When you surround yourself with uplifting people, it becomes easy for you to embrace your dark side. Don’t stay with toxic people because they always try to lower your self-esteem. Surrounding yourself with negative people will only affect your productivity. The people who constantly point out your flaws and don’t appreciate your efforts are not suitable for you. It doesn’t mean that the people who correct you are bad for you, but those who insult you now and then and make you count your flaws are the ones who make you feel bad about yourself.

10. Let go of regret

Let go of all of your regrets to embrace your dark side and accept your imperfections. We feel difficult to embrace our flaws when we’re stuck in past mistakes. Everything that has happened in the past is over now, don’t punish yourself for things that were meant to happen anyway. You cannot control what has happened already, but you can choose what happens next. Make choices that are good and healthy for you and your mind. Choices that bring you peace, contentment, fulfillment, and acceptance of yourself for who you are.

The Final Word

Living with regret, past mistakes, and childhood trauma makes it difficult to embrace ourselves and live a content life. But it’s important to know that you cannot enjoy life if you keep yourself engaged with what has happened in the past. Forgive yourself, move forward, and don’t let past events of your life define your future. We always have a way to start enjoying life again and live a happy life despite our flaws and mistakes.

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  1. Definitely working on doing this. Getting rid of toxic people in my life, and working on being happy with what I have. It’s all a work in progress. Your tips are well done.

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