How to Enjoy Life in a Way That Most People Don’t

How to Enjoy Life in a Way That Most People Don’t

Many of us want to create more structure in our lives. We are focusing on making life better by creating routines and schedules. That’s fine, and in fact, it has many benefits. But we often forget that its ultimate purpose is to make our living easy and reduce stress in our lives. We usually don’t enjoy life as we should because we have made the purpose of life to fulfill all our duties and tasks and forget to prioritize our happiness. Today we will see how to enjoy life in a way that most people don’t. And in a way that it doesn’t affect our productivity. Plus, making us more productive, happier, and healthier.

How to enjoy life in a way most people don’t?

Here’s a list of things you can do to enjoy life in a way most people don’t. And the good part is, you won’t have to make many efforts.

1. Smile Often

Observe yourself, and see if you’re smiling less. We are hurrying so much in our lives that we forget to smile. You cannot complain that you don’t have enough time to smile and make your everyday life easier. We can actually enjoy life if we slow down a bit. Because you cannot achieve more by getting worried or anxious, let’s slow down and enjoy life. Smile more often and create a positive environment around you. You can also do something to remind yourself to smile. It can be a reminder on your phone, or you can stick notes on your desk that can remind you to smile.

2. See life from a positive perspective

How we look at things most often makes us anxious and stressed. You might have heard of the pessimistic approach toward life. See if you’re negatively looking at things. Because sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re getting worried about every little thing. It’s ok; we get stressed when going through a tough time. But you shouldn’t make it a habit. Have an optimistic outlook on life, and find opportunities to make yourself happy.

Most of us mistake that to be productive; you need to be earnest and humorless. There’s nothing wrong with being open to humor and sharing a good laugh with people around you. In everyday life, try to beat stress by smiling and laughing.

3. Embrace simplicity

One of the reasons why our life becomes complicated is because we live for others. The easiest way to stop complicating life is by embracing simplicity. Don’t waste your money and energy to please or impress people around you. The good ones will stay no matter what, and real friends never really care if you’re rich or not. Spend your money and energy on the right people. Adopting simplicity will help you focus on your present and the essential steps you should take for your future.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

To enjoy life in a way most people don’t, you should give up on the competition. Life is not a competition; to live life to the fullest, you must stop comparing yourself to others. We compare our physical appearances, jobs, financial incomes, and many other things. We all have a unique journey, and every one of us faces different challenges in life. You cannot compare anything in your life to others. Maybe your friend is earning more than you, but it doesn’t mean they are happier than you. Our appearance, job, and earnings have nothing to do with happiness. You cannot measure a person’s satisfaction by looking at his profits.

5. Let go of the past

If you genuinely want to enjoy life in a way most people don’t, then you must let go of the past. No matter how beautiful it was, the only thing the past gives you in the present is hurt. Whether you’re regretting your mistakes or crying over the spilled milk, accept that past is over, and you cannot waste your today.

Forget the past and move on; that’s the best thing you can do. Learn the lessons past taught you because these are the ones that will benefit you in the future. And be kind to yourself when you make a mistake because self-blaming won’t help you recover from your loss.

6. Work on yourself

Working on yourself and making yourself a better version will allow you to enjoy life in a way that most people don’t. The satisfaction and contentment you experience while working on yourself are incomparable. Focus on your strengths and put in efforts to make the most of them. If you’re good at something, you can start a career in it. Find what you’re good at, and if you can help others with it, don’t hesitate.

In the same way, work on your weaknesses. Start small if you’re trying to get rid of a bad habit. Keep resisting or limiting it, and then you’ll be able to avoid it completely after some time.

7. Adopt healthy habits

We all have some bad habits that lead to a poor lifestyle. To enjoy life in a way most people don’t, you should try eliminating such habits from your lifestyle because most of us don’t even try to remove such patterns from our life. For example, I used to struggle with negative thought patterns. If something wrong happens, I used to think about it the entire day. I never knew how you detach yourself from your negative thoughts. But I tried some techniques and kept trying, and now I have enough control over my thoughts. Adopting healthy habits is easy; you must be consistent and regular in your efforts.

8. Practice gratitude

I have been emphasizing enough on practicing gratitude lately. And again, to enjoy life in a way most people don’t, you have to be grateful. Most people often complain that they can’t find something meaningful in their life to be thankful for. If you keep waiting for big things in life to align according to your wish, then you may lose the chance to be grateful. Because being grateful has nothing to do with success.

Practicing gratitude is all about appreciating what you have and how you are. It’s finding small pleasures in everyday happenings. It’s seeing the container as half full and being grateful about it rather than complaining about the container being half empty.

9. Be patient in tough times

Most of us struggle to be patient during tough times, which steals our happiness. We need to learn the importance of patience in achieving goals. Being patient in tough times helps us to rely on God for everything happening and prevents us from getting hopeless. It also helps fight stress and anxiety that builds up in stressful situations.

If you learn to practice patience in every matter of your life, you will become a calm person and help you stop rushing through life. We should also practice patience in our daily lives, making life easier for each other. We should show tolerance and respect for each other, which is what patience teaches us.

10. Declutter your mind

Declutter your mind is as necessary as decluttering your surroundings. We eliminate what’s unnecessary in our homes but keep our minds full of useless stuff like negative thoughts. What works for me the most is replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t just let negative thoughts control your mind; as soon as you see them coming, immediately practice positive self-talk and eliminate such thoughts from taking place in your mind.

11. Don’t change yourself for others

As we should stop comparing ourselves to others, we should also stop changing ourselves for others to enjoy life in a way most people don’t. If somebody doesn’t like you for who you are, respect yourself and find someone who knows your worth. Don’t waste time on people who couldn’t appreciate your existence.

People who love you might correct you if you’re wrong, but they will never ask you to change your look or just how you are. Identify the difference between people who are meant to stay in your life and those who are trying to devalue you with their words and actions.

12. Avoid overthinking

Avoid wasting your energy on something that isn’t contributing any good to your life. Overthinking is due to the people and circumstances that aren’t good for you. It’s like such people or events keep you questioning and thinking. You might lose sleep over such people or events in your life. Analyze if their making your life better or not because sometimes we have to make tough decisions for our own betterment. But that doesn’t mean that everything that causes stress should be eliminated from your life. Do everything to make things better, but if the pattern continues, move forward.

13. Spend some time outdoors

We spend so many hours on social media that if we start doing something, we’ll realize how much time we are wasting. Go for a morning walk or spend time in a park feeding the birds. You can plan a short trip to a nice picnic spot with friends or family. We have so many options to enjoy life in a way most people don’t. But that’s the problem; we struggle to make changes to our routines. If you genuinely want to be happy and content, take a break and spend some time in nature.

14. Exercise regularly

One of the ways you can spend time outdoors is exercising. What can a better option than enjoying some fresh air and enjoying exercising? Go to any park near you, and enjoy your time. Exercising has proven to reduce stress and keep you in shape. It keeps you fit physically and mentally and helps you be active and productive.

15. Sleep better

Most of us compromise on our sleep to work a few hours more. That’s the problem with most of us. To enjoy life in a way most people don’t, stop compromising your sleep. Spend less time on social media, and work on your goals. But try to get plenty of sleep each night because only if you’re getting proper sleep, you’ll be able to work hard on your goals. Don’t get into the trap of achieving outstanding results by lowering your sleep quality. I am sure nobody wants to be successful in life at the cost of our health.

16. Nourish your relations with your family

To enjoy life in a way most people don’t, you need to give time to your family in a manner most people don’t. How many of us give time and affection to our parents and other family members? The desire to achieve more has stopped us from spending time with family. We often miss love in our life, because we have distanced ourselves from our loved ones. Once you stop reciprocating the love you receive from others, there will come a time when you’ll stop receiving from them too. Nourish your relationships and spend time with your family because you can never have a replacement for the love your family has for you.

The Final Word

Moving in this fast-paced world has restricted us from enjoying life fully. If we are trapped in our duties and responsibilities and can’t make time for ourselves or our family. But no matter how prosperous we become in life, we’ll always need love and satisfaction. And to enjoy life in a way most people don’t, you should focus on yourself and prioritize your happiness. Do everything that brings you fulfillment. Indulge in self-care, spend time with loved ones, go for a walk, and most importantly, have a positive outlook on life.

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  1. Great post! We simplified our lives and stopped comparing our lifestyle to others, and we are way more happier. Not to mention, we save a ton of money now too! I love all these tips, but I definitely have to work on some things. Thanks for sharing!

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