How to Prevent Pride

How to Prevent Pride

Do you like to surround yourself with people who are always flaunting their possessions? It’s like, ok, God has blessed you, but what’s the point of showing them off in front of others? Nobody likes to be around such people. It causes them to have poor relationships with others and a lack of fulfillment. Are you someone who doesn’t want to be proud but has the habit of being prideful? If yes, then you don’t need to worry. In this article, we will learn ways how to prevent pride, which will also help you live a happy life. 

People with pride not only lose friends, but they also struggle to be happy as they keep comparing themselves with others. Comparing yourself to others makes it difficult for you to be satisfied in life as “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Because if you see someone doing better than you, you become jealous. And eventually, you turn into a bitter and hostile person.

How to prevent pride 

If you feel like you’re in a situation where people around you talk about you as proud, here are some tips you can follow. It can help you check what you’re doing wrong or why people try to avoid you. 

1.  Stop speaking about your accomplishments 

Speaking about our accomplishments can be a very common mistake that we all make. It doesn’t necessarily make you proud, but someone might get jealous. This is because not everyone is genuinely happy about your accomplishments. 

Sometimes we are not even aware that we are prideful; we think we are just happy about our accomplishments and talk about them out of joy. I know you don’t intend to hurt others. But, when people don’t possess what we have, they feel bad about themselves. Celebrate your victories, but only with people who are genuinely happy for you.  

2.  Be kind to others

Some of us don’t like socializing, and we don’t easily open up in front of other people except friends. If you’re such a person, you might have received the compliment of being rude. It doesn’t mean you’re rude if you don’t like talking and mixing with many people. 

To prevent pride, be kind to others. I am not asking you to socialize with people, but deal with them with kindness and a smile on your face. It will give them the impression that you’re kind and loving. People like to be around easy-going and friendly people. Be kind, and enjoy healthy relations with others.  

3.  Don’t judge people below you

Control your words when you’re in a gathering or around people. Sometimes we don’t even intend to hurt a person, but somehow he gets hurt by our words. 

To prevent pride, don’t judge people—especially those below you. You shouldn’t make fun of someone’s appearance, belongings, values, or morals. Because most of the time, we don’t feel like we have said something that would hurt another person. But sadly, someone can take your words seriously and get sad. Enjoy your time with people, but control your tongue from harming others. 

4.  Believe that everything you have is temporary 

When we are blessed in many ways, we forget that everything we have is temporary. We get lost in our luxuries, and we start boasting about them. The best thing to prevent pride is to keep reminding yourself that everything you have is temporary and that God gave you what you have. 

Because I know many people who have worked so hard but still couldn’t make it to their dreams. Stop giving the credit for your blessings to yourself. You worked hard, and God gave you the fruits of your efforts. If you develop this approach, it will help you prevent pride and become down to earth. 

5.  Be thankful to God for your blessings

It’s God who showers his blessings upon you. If you keep thanking God for everything you have, you will overcome ego and pride. Practicing gratitude towards your blessings increases them. Plus, you become humble, and as a reward, you receive favors from God. 

To prevent pride, think that God can take everything you possess. Nothing you have will last forever. Because life changes in a matter of seconds. It makes you fearful, and you don’t flaunt in front of others. If you want your blessings to last, don’t be proud.

6.  Share your wealth with others

If you really want to prevent pride and live happily, share your possessions with others. If God has blessed you with far more wealth than your needs, share it with the needy. It will help you be kind and caring towards others and ultimately prevent pride. 

If you start seeking people who need financial help, you will find them easily because many people around you are trying very hard to make ends meet. You need to go and find them.

Putting a smile on other people’s faces prevents pride and helps you live life to its fullest

7.  Help others without expecting appreciation

Most of the time, when we help others, we do it to receive some kind of acknowledgment. The best way to help others is that you don’t even expect a thank you in return. If people thank you and appreciate your help, ask them not to mention it. You can tell them that God sent them help through you, and this will prevent them from being embarrassed in front of you. Most people feel bad taking financial support from others, so tell them that you did it with a good heart and don’t need anything in return. It will make them happy, and you can overcome the pride that could develop from receiving appreciation.

8.  Don’t think of yourself as superior

Sometimes, we do everything to prevent pride, but we start thinking of ourselves as superior. If you’re helping someone, don’t be proud because you are helping from the wealth God has given you. And He is capable of providing you more. Be grateful for what you have, and don’t let pride get into your head.

9.  Accept your mistakes

Accepting your mistakes doesn’t make you inferior. It couldn’t be that you’re right all the time.

Listen to what others say, and don’t just force them to believe you’re right. Accepting your mistakes can help you build strong relationships with others. Admitting your mistakes gives other people a good impression that you’re easy to deal with and not a stubborn person who forces things to happen their way. 

Accept your mistakes, and apologize to those you’ve hurt. It will help you overcome your pride and be compassionate towards others. 

The Final Word

Being proud of your accomplishments is not wrong, but you shouldn’t let pride become a part of your personality. Don’t just flaunt your achievements, but help those below you to reach their goals. The joy of winning is doubled when your friends and people around you are also succeeding in their lives. It should make you happy that you just don’t benefit yourself, but you’re also capable of helping others. 

No matter what kind of help others need from you, just don’t make them feel bad about being weak by showing them that you’re superior to them.

Be kind towards others, and you will receive love and appreciation from others. It will add quality to your life and help you live a fulfilling life. 

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