14 Ways to Stop Being a Victim of Circumstances

14 Ways to Stop Being a Victim of Circumstances

Have you ever felt the need to stop being a victim of your circumstances? Maybe it’s because you’ve been through a lot in life, and now you’re just tired. We’ve always talked about how to fight difficult times and be happy in life. But no one talks about people facing struggles and hardships continuously in life. You develop a victim mindset when you move from one problem to another. And whenever something wrong happens to your life, you start feeling terrible and somewhat hopeless. Today we’ll talk about how to stop being a victim of circumstances and easy ways to avoid it.

What does it mean to stop being a victim of circumstances?

Being a victim of circumstances means allowing circumstances to control you and affect your everyday life. It means we let our outer happenings control our inner feelings.

Here circumstances could mean your current life situation, events of your life, daily happenings, or the position of your relationships. We become victims of our circumstances when we are affected by everything around us.

Stop being a victim of circumstances is learning how to cope with tough situations without affecting your mental health and other aspects of your life.

A deeper understanding to stop being a victim of circumstances

Everyone has a different life, and everyone faces different life problems. When you adopt the victim mindset, you start feeling like a victim every time something wrong happens, no matter how small. It could indicate that you’ve been trapped in the cycle of a victim mindset.

Explanation with examples

For example, you incurred a loss in your life, and after some time, you managed to get back on track. You spend a few days or weeks (if it’s a significant loss) grieving and then return to your everyday life. This is not being a victim of circumstances. As humans, mourning or shedding tears over a loss is not being a victim. It’s not a sign of weakness. Instead, embracing how you feel is a sign of strength. Because the sooner you accept your vulnerability, the sooner you start working on getting back up.

On the other side, a person incurred the same loss you faced. But instead of finding ways to move forward, he makes this loss an excuse for not being successful or happy in life. Before he even thinks of an opportunity, he has this failure/loss in his subconscious mind that tells him that no matter what you do, he’ll fail. He keeps telling himself that he can’t achieve anything because things didn’t go his way previously.

When things don’t go your way, there’s always a reason. And it’s for our own good, maybe it’s not the right time, or there’s something better you should do.

The second example explains what it means to be a victim of circumstances. If something terrible happens in your life, and you keep dwelling on it, this adopts a victim mindset. Stop being a victim of circumstances by thinking of yourself as unlucky or unfortunate just because something went wrong in your life or you’re facing struggles. Because once you start becoming a victim of circumstances, you’ll be getting sad about everything that happens against your will.

14 Ways to stop being a victim of circumstances?

Stop being a victim of circumstances by learning to stay positive in a negative situation. Here are some other helpful ways to stop being a victim of circumstances.

1. Have faith

The first thing to stop being a victim of circumstances is to have faith in yourself. We often adopt the victim mentality when we think things are out of our control. It creates a sense of helplessness and stops us from seeing things from a different perspective. When we believe in ourselves, even the deadliest storms of our life don’t scare us because of our faith in God and ourselves. To avoid being a victim of circumstances, you should learn to have faith over fear. If you keep questioning your abilities, you will always let fear take over you.

2. Stay patient

Going through a tough time in life teaches us to be patient. But some of us cannot practice patience and keep rushing things. When you rush something, it becomes difficult for you to wait. Ultimately, when things don’t go your way, you get into despair.

On the contrary, if you practice patience in tough times, you’ll learn to trust the process. It will awake positivity in your souls and make you confident that this phase of your life will pass away. All you have to do is have more patience and stop being a victim of circumstances.

3. Don’t give up hope

You become a victim of circumstances when you let desperation and distress rise higher than your hopes. It’s ‘hope’ that keeps us going even when the path ahead seems unclear. To stop being a victim of circumstance, learn to wait patiently and hold on to hope.

We become victims of circumstances when we choose to get sad over what’s happening in our life rather than getting up and making things right.

4. Avoid negative thoughts

Being trapped in the negative thought cycle could be one of the reasons we become a victim of circumstances. Once you start controlling your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, you stop being a victim of circumstances.

When you get rid of negative thoughts, it also becomes easy for you to be hopeful and improve your situation.

These negative thoughts can ruin a happy life if you don’t learn to detach yourself from them. Similarly, a sad person can easily fall into the trap of negative thoughts and worsen his situation. Stop being a victim of circumstances because of your negative mindset.

5. Focus on you why

Your ‘why’ plays a very important in keeping you going when the going gets tough and stops you from being a victim of circumstances. You why keep you motivated and doesn’t let you lose hope. This helps you find light in the darkness and stop being a victim of circumstances.

Having a purpose in life and the responsibilities of fulfilling goals to reach that purpose helps you to be resilient and fight your circumstances rather than falling victim to them.

People who have no goals in life are more likely to fall victim to circumstances than people who are moving with purpose. This show the importance of having clear goals in life. Because having goals in life is like an obligation that doesn’t let you quit.

6. Slow down

Slowing down is somehow linked to being patient. Slowing down becomes easy when you learn to practice patience. Patience is accepting the situation the way it is and working on things you can control to get out of the problem. When you develop such a kind of attitude, you stop being a victim of circumstance. You stop getting anxious about how things will move for the betterment or how you will get out of this event of your life.

Slowing down helps you to appreciate how life is at the moment instead of complaining about everything. Because to stop being a victim of circumstances, you need to stop complaining and worrying.

7. Be kind to yourself

When things don’t go our way, we criticize ourselves to the point that we start getting stressed. We make ourselves feel as if we are responsible for everything that’s happening in our life. Be kind to yourself because no matter what you’re going through, being harsh on yourself won’t ease the situation.

To stop being a victim of circumstances, learn to keep yourself physically and mentally stable. Because if you let it affect your mental health, you will be left with no choice. You might have noticed that when we’re mentally ill, we aren’t able to do anything. Even the smallest tasks seem to be difficult for you. Be kind to yourself, so your circumstances don’t affect your mental health.

8. Practice self-care

To take care of yourself in tough times, do things that bring you inner peace and contentment. Indulging in self-care allows you to create a sense of fulfillment, making you realize that you are important. And whatever the circumstances are, you can never neglect your health.

Try doing things that help you realize that you’re important. Things like going for a walk in the morning, reading in lit candles, pampering yourself at a spa, or eating at your favorite restaurant.

9. Focus on what you can control

Another way to stop being a victim of circumstances is to focus on what you can control. If you keep worrying about how things have fallen apart, you cannot find a way to get out. Plus, if you desire to stop being a victim of circumstances, you should take responsibility for making things right. Don’t hesitate, if there’s something you can manage to make things work.

When we are sad, we often avoid taking risks as if we fear failing again. But you need to take risks to move forward and stop being a victim of circumstances. If you keep sitting and crying over your loss, you will never be able to survive tough times.

10. Control your anger

When things start getting out of your hand, you feel helpless, leading to anger. Stop being a victim of circumstances, and learn to tame your temper. Because if you don’t control your anger, it leads to vulnerability, and you ultimately become a victim of your circumstance.

In addition, when you’re angry, you cannot make the right decisions. You feel the need to make things right, but your anger doesn’t let you do it. So, it’s essential to control your anger to stop being a victim of circumstance and survive tough times by building resilience.

11. Stop seeking sympathy from others

You escape your problems when you feel like nothing is working in your favor. And you think that the best way to feel good is to ask others for sympathy. When this happens, you start developing the habit of becoming the victim of circumstances. This mentality leads to low self-esteem and less confidence in yourself.

Learn to tackle your challenges and don’t think of yourself as weak. Seek help from others if you want, but don’t make it a habit of depending on others.

12. Don’t show your weakness

Most of us show our weaknesses to others in adverse situations. We must have enough courage to hide our flaws because no one ever stays with us. Because in the end, it’s only you and your Lord. When you learn to rely upon Him and believe in yourself, you realize that you’ve stopped being a victim of circumstances.

 Stop being a victim of circumstances because you must keep yourself firm to live in life. No one can change you; it’s only you who can alter your current lifestyle and eliminate problems from your life.

 Some of us show our weaknesses to loved ones, and we take their sympathy. That’s a sign of victim mentality. Remember that you need to stand on your own feet. Because, as I said before, no one will stay with you forever.

13. Change your perspective

If you’re facing problems in life, relax; everyone faces difficulties. It’s a rule of life that sometimes we’re sad and sometimes happy. The best of us are those who stay patient and believe in God when calamity befalls, and when they are happy and satisfied in life, they neither flaunt nor mistreat others.

Have a positive perspective on life; everything will eventually get better; stay strong. When you see life from a different perspective, you won’t stress out when going through a calamity, and neither area of your life will get affected.

14. Write in a thought journal

Try writing in a thought journal to stop being a victim of circumstances. Journaling has proven to calm down anxious thoughts and reduce stress. Keeping your journal with yourself helps you write down everything that troubles your mind. This prevents the negative thought cycle and eases your mind from thinking pessimistically.

When you eliminate your negative thought patterns, you ultimately stop being a victim of your circumstances.

The Final Word

Stop being a victim of circumstances, shift your perspective and develop a positive outlook on your circumstances. Detach yourself from negative thoughts and believe in yourself even after failure.

We all have so much potential in us that we can conquer any situation that comes our way. All we need to do is take responsibility for ourselves and trust our abilities. Stop being a victim of circumstances because, with time, everything gets better.

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