I’m feeling bored: 8 Ways to Get Rid Of Boredom

I’m feeling bored: 8 Ways to Get Rid Of Boredom

Have you ever started being bored while doing something? Yes, sometimes we just stop enjoying what we’re doing, which results in boredom. Most of the time, boredom isn’t always about being free and having nothing to do on the list. Nowadays, we’re so busy in our lives that we rarely find free time. And even if we do, we already have plans to make the most of our leisure time. So, the problem we face is how to get rid of boredom when we are at work or studying a difficult topic. That’s the type of boredom we usually face in our daily lives.

The reason is we start something with a clear mind, and a few hours later, we lose interest in that task and start getting bored. How many of you face this issue? Maybe we go through it every other day and just can’t help ourselves.

8 Ways to get rid of boredom

I have found some ways to get rid of boredom, and it helps me when I feel demotivated to work on a project or can’t complete a task. So today, I’ll share these ways with you.

Here are eight simple ways that will surely help you get rid of boredom;

1. Do something that brings you a sense of achievement

We often feel bored when we can’t achieve fulfillment from a task we’re doing. It feels like we’re just doing something, but not in a way we should. This lowers our desire to work and leaves us bored.

To get rid of boredom, you must get your lost focus back. Start with something that brings you a sense of achievement. For example, if you’re working at your desk and you feel tired, then pause for a moment, and tidy up your desk. Organizing your desk and putting the things you don’t need aside will help you refocus.

Distracting yourself from your work and using some time to make your desk clutter-free can help you get rid of boredom. Plus, it brings back your focus and makes you feel calm. Cleaning your space enables you to achieve a sense of satisfaction that you lost previously. And when you return back to the task at hand, you concentrate better and feel more productive

2. Take small breaks between tasks

One of the reasons we feel bored while working or studying is that we don’t take breaks. And the reason we skip breaks is high work-load. Working a few hours with concentration is better than working the entire day feeling frustrated. We often get bored when we focus on a task for an extended period. As a result, our energy lowers, and we start losing focus.

Breaks are necessary if you want to get things done efficiently and in less time. Even if you don’t take breaks to complete tasks quickly, you will eventually feel frustrated, and your productivity lowers, resulting in poor performance. So, taking small breaks as you move from one task to another is better to prevent yourself from getting bored.

3. Eliminate negative thoughts

Sometimes, we’re not even tired, yet we get bored and lose concentration. It happens when you start having negative thoughts like you won’t be able to complete the task on time, or your efforts won’t bring fruitful results.

When all these negative thoughts occupy space in your head, you get less enthusiastic and stop putting in sincere efforts. So if you feel discouraged and don’t feel like working, stop your negative thought cycle. (If you’re looking how to detach yourself from negative thoughts, you can check this article.)

Eliminating negative thoughts helps you get rid of boredom and laziness, which builds up as a result of these thoughts. Whenever a negative thought pattern starts building in your mind, stop it immediately. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Tell yourself that you’re putting in the effort, and you’ll finish it on time. Or you will yield your desired results. It will keep you motivated and encourage you to continue working on the task.

4. Remind yourself of your purpose in life

All of us need to find our true purpose in life. Have you noticed that we don’t get bored studying the night before the exam? And surprisingly, we maintain our focus and concentration too. We may feel tired, but even tiredness doesn’t stop us.

We don’t stop studying because our why is more substantial than our excuses. But, at that time, we know that if we spend time on our mobile phones, or anything unnecessary, it will affect our performance in exam.

In the same way, you should find your purpose in life to keep you motivated; if you’re doing something without a ‘why,’ you’re more likely to get bored.

When you start getting bored, remember that if you quit today, you won’t be able to reach your goals. Take breaks to recharge yourself, but don’t just leave what you were doing. Because that’s what we do, we stop working and start spending time on our mobile phones. To get rid of boredom, stick to your purpose. Don’t let yourself forget why you’re doing all this hard work. Resist your urge to leave things undone, and keep working.

5. Give yourself small challenges

To make things excited, give yourself small challenges. For example, I often give myself challenges and the time limit to complete them. This way, I don’t get bored working on important tasks.

If you start feeling bored, challenge yourself to do something small. For example, challenge yourself to write a small paragraph if you’re writing a blog post. There comes a time when a little is left. So, motivate yourself to do the little left to complete that task.

In the same way, when you’re bored, asking yourself to write a small paragraph won’t hurt much. But when you’ve motivated yourself to write a few more lines, you’ll see that you will do more than you intended. It builds your momentum again and helps you get rid of boredom.

You get more things done when you challenge yourself. Because once you complete a challenge, you feel motivated to do more. And this helps you to keep going.

6. Stop yourself from getting distracted

To get rid of boredom, you shouldn’t distract yourself with unbeneficial things like social media. People often misinterpret breaks as a time to do whatever you want. Sometimes you take a break and start scrolling through the news feed. And then you get so involved that it makes you forget that you were doing something important.

Don’t use breaks to do things that can deviate your focus and break your workflow. Breaks are to recharge you, not distract you. For example, avoid browsing and using social media apps during your break. Instead, give your eyes a rest from the screen, and do things that will help you work better. Plus, distance yourself from social media to live a fulfilling and productive life.

Use this time to hydrate yourself. Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial if you want to maintain focus. Or eat some snacks to prevent yourself from feeling exhausted. In your breaks, avoid sitting on your desk. Instead, go for a walk, talk to other people, laugh with friends, and then return to work.

7. Celebrate small achievements

Do you feel happy when you attain a goal, no matter how small? We all feel so glad when we reach something. And as we discussed, giving yourself small challenges keeps you motivated. It is because of the sense of achievement we get when we complete a task.

Keep appreciating yourself even for the little efforts because this will motivate you to do more. Moreover, when you celebrate small achievements, it leads you to achieve big in the future.

The best way you can celebrate small is to break larger goals into small goals. Small goals are easily attainable, so they will help you get in the momentum of completing tasks. In addition, putting tick marks as you meet a small goal will help you to do more and achieve satisfaction.

8. Try Journaling

When you can’t get rid of boredom and feel like leaving things undone, write in a journal about how you feel. If you can’t focus on your task, write why you don’t feel like working. It could be that you didn’t get a night of good sleep, and now you’re sleepy. Try taking a power nap to recharge yourself. Or, maybe you are getting bored because you find your task challenging. Ask for help from a friend; perhaps he could make things easy for you.

There are several reasons why we start getting bored, even when we have a lot to do. And writing down your thoughts can allow you to reflect on why you feel demotivated. Journaling helps you release your thoughts and reduce stress. Writing in a journal can also help you track your progress and focus on your goals. 

The Final Word

Boredom can often be a result of a lack of satisfaction. We stay motivated when we feel we’re progressing and moving towards our goal. But the moment we stop getting pleasure from our task, we get bored. So remember why you started and how far you’ve come when you face boredom. It will prevent you from quitting and encourage you to stay focused.

Avoid getting distracted, and don’t waste your time on social media. It breaks your momentum, and you must reinvest time to focus on your task. So take small breaks to relax, but don’t get into something that will distract you from your work.

In the comments, please share with me more tips on how you get rid of boredom.

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