Stay Happy by Helping Others in Need

Stay Happy by Helping Others in Need

We have heard this phrase that help others and you’ll be happy. But, we hardly make an effort to help others. I know we have our own responsibilities, and managing time for someone else is difficult. And you know why helping others in need is difficult for us? It’s difficult because we’re not aware of its countless benefits. But once you know them, I am sure you’ll look for opportunities to help others. 

It’s not that we don’t help others, but sadly not how we should. Helping others in need plays a significant role in our lives. Its benefits are far beyond just putting a smile on someone’s face. 

The importance of helping others

By helping others, we do more good to ourselves than to others. I get some sort of happiness by making people happy or making their tasks easy. When I was in school, I made many friends because of my helping habit. But now, helping people is way different than it was in childhood. It’s more than making friends or getting appreciation.

As we enter adulthood, things change the way they were before. Adulthood teaches us to be happy on our own. And the best thing I found to keep yourself happy as an adult was to be at service for others. You get your heart at peace when you do good to others.

We all face stress in our lives, either due to work, relationships, health problems, finances, etc. Maybe we’re all in the same boat. This makes us realize that working only to make your life better isn’t a great idea. We should have enough love for each other in our hearts to try our best to relieve the stress of the people around us. This helps all of us to live happy and healthy life.

How to help others in time of need?

You might be wondering how you can help each other lead a happy life? Here, I am sharing some ways to help others in need.

1.  Check on the people around you

It could be you are helping random people on the street carrying their groceries or doing charity in welfare, but you forgot the people around you. Maybe your closest friend is going through a very tough time in life, and you’re not aware of it.

Most people hesitate to take help from others. Their self-respect doesn’t allow them to share their problems, and all they act like is that everything is going normal in their lives. But, we need to make efforts to check on them. If you didn’t see a friend in the office, call him to know if everything is fine. These little acts of yours mean a lot to others. And if you develop the habit of checking on the people around you, you will get an idea if someone is stressed or needs your help.

2.  Listen to them

The next thing you should do is listen to people around you. Most of us want someone to listen to us. When you listen to a person, they figure out things on their own. Sometimes, they don’t even need your advice; all they look for is to release their negative emotions by talking about it. Giving your time is the best way you can help someone in need. We carry many thoughts in our minds that create worry. But, when we find someone to listen to us, we feel so peaceful and find solutions to our problems. It not only helps them, but we feel happy by bringing them peace.

3.  Find ways to bring them ease

Once you identify what causes worry to a person, try to find ways to bring them ease. Finding ways to a problem becomes easier when you sit and talk. Not just that, you can also help others in need by sharing some of their responsibilities. Like, you can spare some time for them and visit their house.

You can help them cook or do the dishes, so they don’t have to worry about fulfilling their responsibilities. Or, if it’s your neighbors, you can drop their kids at school so they can rest a little more. These are just examples, but when we really want to help people, we find many ways to bring them ease.

People dealing with stress find it very difficult to do the daily chores or even the most minor things like making breakfast or cleaning up the house. So, if the person in need is your husband/wife, mother, father, or anyone close who lives with you, try to make things easy for them.

It might not take a lot of time, but the reward you will get will be far better. In return, our own things start to become more manageable for us. And then there comes a time where you realize that all the good that is happening in my life is due to the good that I used to do to others.

4.  Appreciate them

Appreciating people for what they do helps them to do better. A simple way to help others in need is to appreciate them. Tell them that they’re doing their best. You can uplift their mood just by saying a few good words. Helping others is not just doing something physically, but even our words can do enough good to make someone’s day.

Don’t just appreciate them; compliment them to make them cheerful. We should try to make people around us happy so they perform well in life.

5.  Motivate them to do better

Your support and kind words are enough to motivate people to do better in life. Our support could be the only reason someone tries their best to achieve goals or simply continue life duties despite the struggles.

You can help people in your office or workplace by motivating them. If you see someone speaking less or isolating himself from others, ask him if everything’s alright. It could be a class fellow, friend, colleague, or a random person. And I have experienced that when they open up about their problems, just a few words of motivation might bring them back on track and encourage them to do better. 

Stay happy by helping others

Here comes the reward you will get by helping others in need. Apart from the good that naturally comes back to you when you do good, you also find happiness in life and become a better person.

1.  You feel satisfied

Satisfaction comes as a result when you help others in need. Today, we find happiness in so many ways. But the joy and peace that you get by helping others are so rare.

2.  You become kind

You not only feel happy but develop kindness and empathy as well. You become kind to people around you. People around you start noticing this change in your attitude as you become more loving towards others.

3.  You create healthy relationships

Your relationships start getting better. When you invest your time to help people around you, you nurture your relationships. As a result, you start receiving appreciation from them as well. The key to healthy relationships is to love and care for each other. Because what you give is what you get.

4.  You develop a positive attitude

When you have the habit of helping others and making things easy for them, you develop a positive attitude. You expect less from people, which prevents you from being hurt. You find your happiness in helping others in need, which helps you live a peaceful life.

The Final Word

Being happy is not easy in this world. But the one who learns to keep himself happy is successful in life. The happiness you get by helping others is incomparable. By helping others in need, you feel peaceful and satisfied. You develop a positive attitude, leading to good relationships with others. All the appreciation and love you get from others is worth the little time spent with them.

In the comments, let me know how you help others and bring smiles to their faces.

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