13 Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

13 Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Have you ever thought of the root cause of all your problems? All of us are going through some distress in our lives. We all face difficulties and challenges in our life. But some of us become victims of these circumstances while others learn to fight them. People who overcome these challenges know how to believe in themselves and stand firm. On the contrary, some of us adopt a self-critical mindset when facing the ups and downs of life and become our worst enemies. We stop ourselves from achieving significant and reaching our goals, preventing us from performing our best. In today’s article, we’ll see how to stop being your own worst enemy and make your life easier.

What Does Being Your Own Worst Enemy Mean?

Being your own worst enemy means most of the problems you face in life are because of yourself. It means you lack positive character traits and often create problems for yourself.

It also means you are draining yourself physically and emotionally and have become a barrier to your personal development. Hence, it causes low motivation and a poor mindset, believing you’re incapable of achieving your goals.

Now that doesn’t mean that all the bad that happens in your life is because of yourself, but it means that since you don’t know how to survive tough times, you make bad situations worst for yourself as you lack healthy coping skills.

It also means that you value others more than yourself and often compromise on your happiness to please others. If you keep sacrificing your needs for others, you’ll get exhausted and feel deprived in your life.

How Do You Tell If You Are Your Own Worst Enemy?

We often become our own worst enemy without knowing it. We adopt a negative mindset that stops us from making progress in life. Instead of moving forward and being exposed to unlimited opportunities, you prefer sticking with old habits and negative thought patterns.

It stops you from seeking solutions to your problems and leaves you exhausted. You’re being your enemy when you choose to listen to every nay-sayer rather than believing in your abilities. Feeding our minds with negative and depressing thoughts starts affecting our mental and physical health.

You must stay active and energetic to work on your personal goals and achieve good health. But when you start self-sabotaging, you face uncontrolled stress and poor sleep quality. It makes you inattentive towards your goals and leaves you tired and lethargic.

13 Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy?

Here are 13 ways to stop being your own worst enemy;

1. Say no to negative thinking

The first thing you need to do to stop being your own worst enemy is stop your negative thought patterns. One of the reasons we become our enemies is because of our poor mindset. If you keep filling your mind with thoughts like you’re not enough, or you lack what others have, you’ll never progress towards your goals. Believe that every one of us has unique capabilities, and we can’t compare ourselves to others.

Stop thinking negatively about yourself, and start believing you can achieve everything you’ve ever dreamt of. When we’re stressed, we avoid trying new things and try to stay in our comfort zones. But this doesn’t help us because staying in your comfort zone stops you from taking risks and being open to endless opportunities.

2. Overcome self-criticism

You must stop criticizing yourself to stop being your own worst enemy. Do you always blame yourself if anything goes wrong in your life? People who sabotage often feel like they’re wrong and others are right. It creates low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

Don’t worry that you must be perfect to succeed in life or enjoy healthy relations. We criticize ourselves when we can’t fulfill our or others’ expectations. It creates despair and lowers your confidence. Don’t underestimate your abilities by trying to achieve all your goals simultaneously. It takes time to be successful; don’t criticize yourself if you can’t see results right now. Keep working hard towards your goals; eventually, you’ll see results.

One of the other reasons we face self-criticism is when we try to maintain friendly relations with people who don’t want to do the same. Stop being your own worst enemy by blaming yourself for others’ faults. Some people do us wrong but pretend as if we did them wrong. Don’t criticize yourself for not meeting their standards because they never want to keep you in their life. And all the things they’re blaming you for are just excuses. 

3. List all your positive qualities

List down all your positive qualities to eliminate all toxic thoughts and to believe in yourself after failure. Writing positive qualities will help you identify your strengths and improve your self-esteem.

It becomes difficult to see the positive side when dealing with anxiety. In such times, we tend to focus on the negative more than the positive. Listing your strengths boost your confidence in yourself and gives you hope to keep going when the going gets tough.

4. Stop worrying about things you can’t control

Stop being your own worst enemy by learning to let go of what you can’t control. We often punish ourselves by trying to control things out of our control. It makes us sad and hopeless when we can’t make things right, resulting in self-criticism. Ask for help from loved ones if you struggle to let go of control and stop being a victim of circumstances.

Instead of controlling things around you, wait patiently for the right time. Sometimes the only option we have is to surrender. When things go out of control, focus on keeping your mental health stable. Don’t let your circumstances make you mentally sick, as it can affect your productivity at work.

5. Let go of regret

Do you regret your actions or feel bad for taking a step for yourself? It’s a sign of self-sabotage, and to stop being your own worst enemy, you need to stop regretting something you can’t change.

We all make mistakes and if you regret your mistakes, know that you’re not alone in this. We all make mistakes, and blaming yourself for them will only make your life miserable. Accept what happened and start looking for ways how you can minimize the effect of your mistakes.

If you made a mistake that hurt someone, then amend the mistake. You can apologize for your mistake instead of regretting it. It will lift the burden off your shoulders and help you let go of regret.

6. Stop complicating life

To stop being your own worst enemy, you must stop complicating life. Now, what does it mean to complicate life? We complicate life by stressing over every little thing that goes wrong in our life. Instead of seeking solutions to our problems, we get sad and occupy our minds with negative thoughts. We are so used to the victim mentality that we don’t even dare to take the first step to escape our adverse circumstances.

Apart from this, we complicate life by thinking more and doing less. No amount of thinking will fasten the process of doing. Stop procrastinating and start doing. The longer we think about doing something, the more difficult it becomes to start doing it. Just take the first step and start working towards your goals. You become your enemy when you keep procrastinating rather than start doing.

7. Learn the art of surrender

To surrender is letting go of control of things you can’t change. When tend to become our worst enemies when we choose to stress over something we can’t change.

Sometimes we keep thinking about things that could have been rather than accepting things the way they are. When you accept your situation how it is, it opens you up to possibilities of moving forward. It will help you to start seeing things from a different perspective resulting in your growth.

Surrender doesn’t mean you stop working towards your goals or accept that you cannot win. To surrender means letting go of worry and fear that keep you awake at night. Stop worrying too much about when you’ll see results or how you will do it. Your focus should be moving forward, no matter how slow.

8. Practice self-compassion

To stop being your own worst enemy, you should learn to be kind to yourself. No matter what you’re going through in life, your utmost priority should be yourself. Accept yourself the way you are, and make efforts to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

Practicing self-compassion is not always about keeping yourself mentally healthy. It also means taking care of your physical health and doing what contributes to a healthier you like eating healthy, having a proper sleep schedule, exercising regularly, and sparing time for rest.

9. Set realistic goals

We often become self-critical when we expect too much from ourselves. Maybe we set unrealistic goals and targets, and when we cannot accomplish them, we get demotivated.

To stay in momentum and be motivated, set small goals that are easy to accomplish. This will keep you going and encourage you to do more. When you expect less from yourself but end up doing more, it will boost your mood resulting in happiness.

10. Stop blaming others

Feeling down and hopeless can cause you to blame others for where you are. We often adopt aggressive behavior towards others when we are fighting our battles. We tend to argue more and refuse to understand others. To stop being your own worst enemy, you must know that you need time to heal. And when you’re in the process of healing, you should stop being rude to others.

We also find it challenging to communicate our needs to others. Due to a lack of communication, we start ruining our relations and making our life terrible.

11. Recharge yourself emotionally

Whether you are sad or not, you need to recharge yourself emotionally every once in a while. Recharging yourself can help you to stop being your own worst enemy as it allows you to look after your physical and mental well-being and focus on being the version of yourself.

Recharging yourself emotionally is doing things that brings you joy. It could be spending time in nature, exercising, reading, a warm bath, or any self-care activity.

12. Focus on what your heart desires

To stop yourself from being your own worst enemy, look at what your heart desires. We often get irritated when we can’t get something we want or cannot fulfill our goals. It impacts our mood, and we start treating ourselves harshly.

Is there anything that you want to achieve? If this is the case, then focus on how you can work towards it. There are many ways to accomplish a goal. If plan A doesn’t work, go for plan B. When you start focusing on what you want, you will find ways to acquire it.

If, for some reason, you cannot achieve what you want, then know that maybe it wasn’t for you. Don’t get sad if you fail to achieve something you want, and see that it made way for something better to reach you.

13. Practice gratitude

We all must learn to be grateful for how our life is in the present. You always have an option to make your life better. But to make the most of life, you should learn to appreciate what you have now.

There are many blessings in our life that we fail to be thankful for. Start counting the favors of your life, and you’ll realize that you’ve enough to practice gratitude.

Practicing gratitude helps you to stop being your own worst enemy as you choose to see the positive and eliminate the negative from your life.

The Final Word

There are many reasons why we become our own worst enemies. It could be past trauma, childhood experiences, fear of failure, abusive relationships, and a controlling mindset. No matter what past experiences you have gone through, there is always a chance to improve your life and live a healthy life. Stop being your enemy and focus on how you can get out of old patterns and toxic relationships.

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