How to Stop Complicating Life?

How to Stop Complicating Life?

Everyone today is looking to live a simple life. But no matter how hard we try, we make life complicated. We all can practice minimalism in our homes, but we often fail when it comes to our life. Owning less stuff can make your life easy and manageable, but it cannot help you to make life less complicated. The main thing that complicates our lives is our minds and the battles we fight there. So today, we’ll see how to stop complicating life.

Have you ever thought about decluttering your negative thoughts and emotions? Because that’s the leading cause of complicating things in our life. And for that, you need to make some changes to your life. We have so much around us, and to stop complicating life, we must prevent that from affecting our life.

What does complicating life mean?

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much of a mess we’ve created in our life until it starts affecting our daily life. Do you react emotionally to what goes around you or take things too personally? If yes, you need to be kind to yourself. Because bad things happen in life, there will be things and people you won’t like, but you need to practice patience with them. If you keep letting things around you affect your mood, your life will become complicated.

Complicating life means you intend to make life difficult for yourself by practicing the negative approach, making unhealthy choices, and focusing on the unnecessary.

To live a simple life, avoid all that causes you distress or distracts you from your true purpose. It’s better to resolve matters one at a time than to overload yourself with many tasks, which leaves you exhausted.

Why do we over-complicate things in life?

Nowadays, we all prioritize what others think about us to the extent that our mental health becomes affected. We overcomplicate things in life because we want to look perfect, no matter what we’ve been through. Most of us compare our life to others which results in dissatisfaction.

We face many complications because we don’t live for ourselves and mainly prioritize what’s unimportant. Why do we always have to achieve big to become content? Instead, we should be grateful for the little progress. Always look to live a simple life and learn to stop complicating life.

13 Ways to Stop Complicating Life

There are some ways that can help you to stop complicating life. Wondering how? Let’s get right into it.

1. Embrace Simplicity

When you embrace simplicity and minimalism, you feel satisfaction in life. Your life becomes much more fulfilling and peaceful. Plus, you stop chasing the trends and choose to remain simple. Simplicity is a character trait of happy people. Simplicity allows you to prioritize your choice over what others think. It leads you to the path of success and helps to make things easy. Plus, it allows your mind to stop complicating things resulting in a stress-free life.

Simplicity allows you to focus on what’s important and enables you to become diligent. When you become simple, you become more grateful and optimistic, increasing your potential to work towards your aims.    

2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We often complicate life by comparing our life to others. Don’t you think life will become easier if everyone starts appreciating who they are and what they have?

To stop complicating life, we need to accept our true selves. You might be good at something, but others might be good at something else.

In the same way, the blessings you take for granted could be a dream of others. We always run for what we don’t have. And sadly, even if we acquired that, we start running after something else. Relatable, right?

How many of us have the attitude of gratitude? We’re so much involved in the outer world, that sometimes we forget to seek what’s inside. And if you want to seek satisfaction in life and to stop complicating life, learn that comparison is the thief of joy.

3. Let go of negative people

The biggest reason our life becomes complicated is the presence of harmful and toxic people around us. You might complicate your life if you do not learn to ignore such people.

It doesn’t need to be your friends or some toxic family members, but sometimes random people at work start to become hectic for us. You cannot win from these people; it’s better to avoid them altogether.

4. Don’t live for others

Your provision is from your Lord and the hard work you put in. Don’t care what others think of you. If you keep pleasing everyone, you will never embrace simplicity. Most of the time, we make unhealthy choices for ourselves because of what others might think.

What will happen if they think of you as bad? Will it affect you? Your life, job, relationships, and other blessings will never be affected by ‘what others will think.What’s meant for you will find you, no matter what.

The only loss you may encounter by living for others is that you might turn into a depressed person sooner or later. And you know what happens then? You and all areas of your life start getting affected. Don’t push yourself into darkness because of these people. Live life fully without caring about toxic people.

5. Leave that which does not concern you

Want to stop complicating your life? Leave that which does not concern you. The more you get involved in your surroundings and what’s happening around you, the more drama you add to your life.

If someone comes to ask for your help, help him. You don’t have to hide from others. But, minimize your exposure to places that are not serving you. Examples are social media apps, communities, groups, and forums. If there’s nothing important, then don’t waste your time reading random people’s comments and getting involved in unnecessary drama.

6. Forgive Others

Forgiving others also helps us to stop complicating life. If someone has done us wrong, and we keep carrying the hurt and pain they caused us, it will only make our lives terrible. Let go of what people have done or how they treated you.

What you give is what returns back to you. Thinking about all the bad that has happened will not allow you to forgive others. Due to this, you will continue to suffer. Try to ignore and forgive people who have wronged you because that’s only how you’ll be free of the burden you’ve been carrying.

7. Forget the past and move on

Not just forgive people who have hurt you, but try to forget what happened and move forward. You’ll eventually meet the people that are meant to stay in your life. When we let go wrong people in our lives, we make space for the right people to come in.

If things don’t work as you want them to, then know that everything you ever wished for will come true when the time is right. You are not responsible for what happened in your life. Because some things are meant to happen in our life, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot escape them. The best you can do is don’t hold yourself accountable for what happened. And be kind to yourself when you make a mistake because we all make mistakes at some point in our lives.  

8. Stop Complaining

Stop complicating life by complaining less in life. Either you appreciate what you have and be happy, or keep complaining about what you lack and complicate life. For example, if you planned to do something and couldn’t do it. Then instead of getting worried, look for other ways to fulfill your plan.

There are several ways of doing something. If one doesn’t work, try something different. Don’t think of yourself as unlucky if things don’t go as planned. Maybe you need to try something different. What’s best for us always turns out in our favor. Don’t force things in life; go with the flow, and do not complain about your current life. Everything works in our favor with time.

9.  Appreciate the little things in life

One of the brilliant ways to stop complicating life is to appreciate the little things in life. When you start focusing on the positive in life, you start being grateful for the little pleasures of life. Sometimes when we are stressed, not even big things make us happy. Like when you’re not in a good mood or going through a tough time in life, you don’t feel happy even in the most beautiful locations.

Don’t let yourself get into depression and anxiety due to life problems; you will lose everything if you lost your health. So, before that time comes in your life, appreciate the little things and find satisfaction and contentment.  

10.  Prioritize what’s important

We often complicate life when we have so much on our minds and we can’t manage to fulfill our tasks. It frustrates us as we cannot complete everything we have on our list. I have been suffering from this lately, which has led to so much fuss in my life. I started to become demotivated and sad. Because while trying to do everything, I wasn’t even doing the bare minimum.

Finally, in the last few weeks, I concluded that I must drop some things from my routine and prioritize what’s important. Trust me; it has made my life so peaceful. Now, I don’t have to think all day about what to do and what to leave.

When you prioritize what’s important, you wake up with a purpose. You don’t have to question yourself about how you’re going to manage it all. It becomes easier to focus on important things, which helps you stop complicating life.

11. Nourish your relationships

Life will get complicated if you neglect your relationships. As we have discussed above, you need to prioritize what’s important. And your relationships should always be on the priority list. Because if you’re not giving time to significant people in your life, your relationships with them will suffer.

And obviously, when we’re disturbed in our relationships, life becomes complicated. We’re always thinking about how to make it work or how we can make it better. Give your time and love to your loved ones that they deserve so that you won’t regret it later.

12. Take care of yourself

To stop complicating life, not only do you have to give time to your loved ones, but you need to take better care of yourself too. You should also be your priority because we all need love and time for ourselves.

We should never compromise on our health because it’s that solid foundation that helps us achieve all in life. Do you want to stop complicating life? Then, focus on your life and long-term goals, and don’t let dire circumstances and toxic people ruin it.

13. Don’t take things personally

Some of us have a habit of taking things too personally, complicating our lives. If you get sad about every little thing that goes wrong in your life, your life will turn into a depressed one. Don’t let words of other people or circumstances stick in your mind.

To stop complicating life, you must keep your priorities straight and focus on what’s important.

The Final Word

There are some unavoidable moments in our lives when we see life as too complicated. But, the reason our life become complicated is that we stop making things easy for ourselves. When things in life start to mess up, try to pause for a moment and look at how you can simplify them. Most of the time, we start getting frustrated and end up leaving ourselves exhausted. Sounds familiar, right? I have been suffering a lot lately due to complicating things in life. But the above tips have helped me to stop complicating life. Living an easy life just requires some changes in our lifestyle, which ultimately improves the quality of our life.

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  1. Great ideas for how to stop over complicating life. I never would have thought of self care, but it’s so important! Thank you for giving me something to reflect on.

  2. This was such an enlightening read. So many points were so relatable! Thanks for giving pointers on how to combat over complicating things!

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