19 Things That Destroy Your Happiness

19 Things That Destroy Your Happiness

Have you ever thought that being happy is not as easy as it sounds? We all know it’s essential to be happy to keep our physical and mental health in good shape. To live a cheerful life, you must keep yourself healthy and happy. However, we struggle to enjoy life in the way we should. We try our best, but some things never allow us to be delighted with life. Today we will look at things that destroy our happiness. Sometimes we don’t even realize a few things and habits in our life hold us down. Let’s see things that ruin your happiness and know if you have any of them in your life.

List Of Things That Destroy Your Happiness

Here’s a list of 19 things that destroy your happiness and some tips to help you avoid these things to live a cheerful and happy life;

1.  Self-doubt

Self-doubt is one of the common things that destroy your happiness. We fail to keep ourselves happy because we limit ourselves by doubting our abilities which stops us from doing great things in life. We feel the happiest when we achieve our goals or reach our dream destination. However, people who suffer from self-doubt can never enjoy things in life as their self-doubt stops them from taking risks in life. When you let go of self-doubt increases your motivation and helps you win in life and achieve your personal and career goals.  

2. Lack of faith in yourself

Another thing that destroys your happiness is a lack of faith in yourself. People start to take advantage of people who don’t know their value. And when people take you for granted, you begin lacking happiness and contentment in life.

Believe in yourself even if you’re going through rough times in life. You are capable of living the life you want. Not believing in yourself is one thing that destroys your happiness as it stops you from achieving your goals and results in stress and anxiety. To keep ourselves happy, we must keep working on something that brings meaning to our life. And having a lack of faith in yourself stops you from moving forward. Don’t fear change because change is uncomfortable but necessary for growth.

3. Victim mindset

A victim mindset is one of the worst things that destroy your happiness. When we have a victim mindset, we blame ourselves for everything that goes wrong in our life. Having a victim mindset also means that you prioritize others more than yourself. You think that if others are behaving weirdly with you, then this is because you have done something wrong.

Having a victim mindset causes you to be harsh to yourself when you make a mistake. This mentality can destroy your happiness if you don’t learn how to deal when you make a mistake. Try to be kind to yourself when you make a mistake because these mistakes are not just mistakes but lessons that will help you in the future. Stop being a victim of circumstances, and learn to get through hard times.

4. Lack of purpose

Having a purpose in life is significantly important to keep going when the going gets tough. Lack of purpose in life can lead to no satisfaction in life. We all need to focus on our goals to be happy and motivated every day. Our true purpose in life keeps us happy and helps us perform well in every area of our life. It stops us from getting bored or sad and keeps us excited and motivated.

Lack of purpose is something that not only destroys your happiness but can also lead to low self-esteem. We live in an expeditious world where every person strives to be successful, and if we don’t set clear intentions, we’ll feel left out.

5.  Ungratefulness

Gratitude is essential to living an enriching life. However, some of us cannot appreciate our life how it is. We’re always counting things we lack in life and forgetting to be grateful for things we have. Ungratefulness is one of the things that destroy our happiness without us knowing it. We understand the importance of practicing gratitude but fail to appreciate the little things in life.

Happiness can be achieved by focusing on little positive things in your life. Because if you are grateful for little things, you’ll eventually start attracting more incredible things in life.

6. The habit of complaining

Just as ungratefulness, the habit of complaining is also something that can destroy your happiness. Do you complain too much about your problems? If you think you have too many problems in life, then you need to see life from a different perspective. As we discussed above, you should know how to appreciate little things because no matter how many problems, we always have something to be grateful for.

Stop complaining and focus on being happy. If we start focusing on the problems in life, we won’t be able to see the big picture and reach solutions to our problems.

7. Holding grudges

Holding grudges prevents us from living a happy life full of joy. We don’t even realize how much damage we cause to our lives when we hold grudges and hate others. We all know karma, but we can’t wait for karma to do wrong to people who have caused us harm. We’re always thinking about the hurt and not about the lessons.

Don’t hold grudges and forgive others for what they did to you. And if you can’t forgive them, try to think less about them. It’s not easy to forget, so at least distract yourself and think less. However, you can force yourself to waste less energy on them and ignore what they did to you. A person receives what he gives to others, so if someone has given you pain and suffering, know that it will return to him.

8. Toxic relationships

Toxic relationships are one of the things that destroy our happiness and leave us irritated and annoyed. Good relationships make your life more fulfilling, but unhealthy relationships make your life worthless. You cannot be happy in life if you lack peace. And toxic relationships are one of the causes of lack of peace in life.

If you have people draining you emotionally and making your life troublesome, you should take a break and find out what’s causing them to mistreat you. Is there anything that you’re doing wrong? Communicate your needs to the other person to reach a conclusion together. If you’re facing stress due to someone in your life, tell him what you’re facing. Sometimes we get disturbed by someone’s behavior toward us, but we can’t communicate our needs to him. Don’t let your relationships turn into toxic relationships due to lack of communication and negligence.

9. Living in the past

Living in the past stops you from heading forward in life. You need to accept that the past is gone. All you can have from the past is the lessons it taught you. You live in the past because you regret something you can’t change. It could be a mistake you made, and now you wish to go back in time and do things differently. You’re not alone in this because we all miss the old days.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t go back to the past to blame yourself for your past mistakes. You should stop regretting something you can’t change because you have no control over the past. All you can do is forget the past and move on. Don’t ruin your happiness by holding onto things that destroy your happiness.

10. Chasing the wrong things

Chasing the wrong things can also destroy your happiness. Some of us have a habit of running after people who avoid us. And same goes for things. To live life without worries, you should run after someone who avoids you or something out of your reach.

Are you someone who desires things that are too expensive or unaffordable? If you’re someone like this, know that if you keep your eyes on things you cannot have, you will always look down on things you have. You will never really appreciate what you have. And this will snatch away joy and satisfaction from your life. It can lead to comparison with others which has its own adverse effects on our life. Stop comparing yourself with others, and be joyous with what you have.

11. Controlling behavior

Controlling behavior is one of the destructive things that destroy your happiness. We struggle with joy in our lives when we try to control things we can’t control. Learn to live a happy life with all you have and stop controlling everything around you.

When we try to control things and fail to manage them, it lowers our self-confidence and makes us furious. There’s no point in wasting time striving to make everything in your life picture-perfect. Embrace everything as it is because from there, you can start working on making things as you want them to be. You cannot make your life the way you want overnight; it takes time for good things to happen. 

12. Living in the comfort zone

Living in your comfort zone and enjoying life is also one of the things that can destroy your happiness in the long run. You might think you’re enjoying life, not putting in intense hard work, and taking no risks. It could be that everything in life looks so calm, and you’re happy about it. But just for a moment, think about your future.

If you continue to adopt this mindset, will you be able to luxuriate in the future the same way you’re relaxing right now? No success is achieved by living in the comfort zone. I heard a scholar saying that if you’re enjoying comfort in the present and not working towards what’s important, then don’t be happy because you’ll be meeting with discomfort as you move forward in life. And it seems so relatable that we often refuse to take action and live in our comfort zones without thinking about how it will impact our future.

13. Desire for more

The desire for more can destroy your happiness and leave you unsatisfied with your life. If you keep wishing for more, you will lack joy in life, and even the blessing of your life will look less to you. As we have discussed above, be content with what you have, and don’t underestimate your possessions and benefits.

14. People pleasing

Are you a people pleaser and don’t know how to prioritize yourself more than others? If you don’t know how to respect yourself and you’re a people pleaser, then you must stop because people pleasing is also one of the things that destroy your happiness.

Be kind but stop being too nice to others as it can lead to low self-esteem and devaluing yourself. Learn to value yourself more, as it can make your life more fulfilling and help you receive respect from others.

15. Lack of love for ourselves

Lack of self-love can become a barrier to our happiness and can lead to poor self-image in the long run. When facing hardships in life, we often neglect our health and sometimes stop loving ourselves. Many of us are unaware of the advantages of loving ourselves in our life. Loving yourself can help you find meaning in life by allowing you to be your best version and be motivated to put in your best efforts.

Love yourself enough that even if you receive a negative compliment about yourself, you dare to let it go knowing how worthy you are. When we lack self-love, we seek approval from others and measure our worth based on others’ opinions.

16. Neglecting our relationships

Sometimes we’re so occupied with our lives that we neglect our relationships with others, especially loved ones. If you’re looking for happiness in money, you might find it, but you will always feel a lack of fulfillment in life.

Spending time with family is essential to feel loved and achieve internal happiness. Don’t take your family or loved ones for granted; they are the pillars that keep us standing and become our support in tough times of life. Reciprocate the love your family has for you and bring them happiness as they make you happy and take care of you. A tremendous blessing a person can have is a loving and caring family. All other blessings fall secondary to the love of our special ones.

17. Lack of physical activity

Another thing that destroys our happiness is a lack of physical activity. Whenever we get free time from our daily schedules, we start scrolling through social media on our phones. We have so much to do on our phones, and accessing social media through apps has become so easy that standing up and going for some physical activity seems so difficult. We all can relate to this as we have stopped engaging in physical activities that have caused a lack of happiness in our lives. To live to the fullest, engage in outdoor activities as they have a connection to our happiness.

18. Fear of failure

The fear of failure is another thing that destroys our happiness. We all have some fear in our lives, but the most common fear we all face is the fear of failure. Our fears stop us from living life fully and keep us trapped in our anxious thoughts.

If you desire a life full of contentment, you must let go of your fears. If something is holding you down, know that your worries won’t improve your situation. So it’s better to take risks because you may surprise yourself and achieve something you never dreamt of. It’s not necessary that if you fear something to happen, it will happen. Sometimes we fear that if we do something new, we’ll fail. But what if you don’t and instead you succeeded in doing it? You never know what the future beholds. Don’t listen to your fears; listen to your gut and make the right decisions.

19.  Not sparing time for yourself

Self-care is the most important thing to keep you happy, healthy, and prosperous. We cannot compromise on our well-being because you need to be physically and mentally fit to achieve all your goals. We cannot live a happy life if we are mentally ill.

If we keep ourselves busy with work and career goals, we will lack happiness from within when we relax and enjoy our time. Spare a few hours from your daily routine and do something that brings you happiness. Go for a walk in nature, play with your pet, do some yoga, practice meditation, or pamper yourself at the spa. You can do many things for yourself; the ultimate purpose should be to unwind and luxuriate in your leisure time.

The Final Word

The above are some things that destroy our happiness. And sometimes we don’t even realize how these things affect our life. Notice if you have habits that ruin your happiness and negatively impact your life. If you start keeping a check on your happiness, you’ll see things that destroy your happiness. Work hard to attain your goals but always keep yourself and your happiness a priority. Don’t let anyone ruin your mood; always keep a positive approach towards life and keep seeking that which brings you contentment and joy.

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  1. Great post! You have brought to light so many things we don’t even realize that can steal our joy. Learning to let go of many of these things has helped me immensely in living a happier life. I’m certain this article will benefit many others. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so grateful in having this blog come up in this Facebook Group. We’re always trying to seek out how to be happy but f I estate we need tobfind out what’s damaging our happiness. Your article dies this and does so very well. I especially live point #17 about lack of physical activity and the comment “outdoor activity has a connection to our happiness 😊”…

  3. Lack of purpose & physical activity stood out for me. Sadly we are taught our profession should always be our purpose however sometimes they can be separate. Physical activity helps our mental health.

  4. I enjoyed reading this. I definitely agree. I’ve recently been spending more time doing the things I love and not focussing on work too much at home.

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