How to Value Yourself More

How to Value Yourself More

Today, in modern times, we care for others more than ourselves. We often sacrifice our happiness to meet the needs of others. Sadly, we have stopped valuing ourselves and started overthinking what others think of us. We often care about maintaining our reputation in front of others, which has become a fear that has stopped us from valuing ourselves. To live a happy life, you must value yourself because keeping your mental health in shape is essential. Because only if you’re healthy and happy can you serve others better.

Today, we’ll see what it means to value yourself, its importance, and some simple ways to value yourself more than others.

What Does It Mean to Value Yourself?

To value yourself means you respect who you are and appreciate your abilities. It means to stand for yourself and never compromise on your standards. Valuing yourself is taking care of yourself before anything else. It’s to love yourself enough that you can take the necessary steps for yourself. If something isn’t good for you, you have the courage to remove it from your life. It doesn’t mean that you stop being kind to others, but you have the courage to let go of negative people from your life.

On the contrary, you know how to love others and respect their boundaries. You’re kind and easy-going, and when it comes to your loved ones you will always put them first.

It isn’t selfish to value yourself and analyze if something is disturbing the peace of your mind. We need to take care of ourselves and how we’re being affected by people around us. Ask yourself if the people you love, love you back. We should always surround ourselves with positive people and caring people. We don’t need people in our lives that make us feel bad about ourselves or make us doubt our capabilities.

How Do You Know If You Value Yourself?

If you want to know if you value yourself or not, then look if you worry about what others think of you. Or do you believe everything others tell you about yourself? If you truly value yourself, you won’t listen to the opinion of others that goes against you.

We often have people around us who tell us that we aren’t capable of achieving or maybe we lack something to succeed in life. When you value yourself, you don’t let their words sadden you. Because you believe in yourself, no one can tell you how worthy you are.

Why is it Important to Value Yourself?

We all have so much on our lists, and we’re so occupied in life that we rarely find time for ourselves. Due to this, we compromise on our happiness. Gradually, the quality of our life starts to decline.

We think that treating others right and giving them time is our responsibility. I know it’s important as our loved ones need our attention and affection. But what are your thoughts about yourself?

No amount of love and care received from others will satisfy you if you keep devaluing yourself. In the same way, if you started to value yourself, you will feel confident and won’t depend on others for your happiness.

You are responsible for your life and happiness. Value yourself, and don’t get sad about how others treat you. When you value yourself, you naturally attract people who are good for you. It will help build a sense of self-importance, boost your self-esteem, and help you make the right decisions for yourself. It will motivate you to achieve your goals and care less about being judged.

When you value yourself, you stop taking criticism from others too personally. You don’t get affected by what others say or think because no matter what you do, they will always have something hurtful to say.

In addition, when you value yourself, you appreciate your efforts, no matter how small. And you be kind to yourself when you make a mistake. Instead of treating yourself harshly, you ponder over your mistakes and learn from them.

How do you Value Yourself?

Every one of us has faced betrayal, abuse, failure, or losses. And it has stopped us from practicing compassion, love, loyalty, and kindness, especially regarding ourselves. Have you ever treated someone the same way you treat yourself? Sometimes, we become so harsh on ourselves that we forget that we too deserve self-compassion and love.

If you’ve been through a loss or going through a tough time in life, don’t trade off your health and happiness for a period in life that will soon pass. Whether you’re happy or sad, never underestimate yourself. Always make yourself a priority and do not suppress your emotions. Suppressing emotions affects your mental health and can lead to vulnerability in different aspects of life, resulting in poor performance.

10 Ways to Value Yourself More

Let’s look at some ways to help you value yourself more.

1. Appreciate who you are

We often compare ourselves to others and try to be who they are. For example, you like how a person talks or dresses, and you start copying him. But sometimes, we go beyond and start belittling who we are or how we look.

A girl with curly hair sees herself as beautiful in straight hair, and a girl with straight hair wants to curl up her hair. Both of them try to look beautiful by changing themselves. But I have seen some individuals taking their appearances or how they look too seriously. It leads to low self-esteem, and eventually, they feel bad hanging out with people better than them. They start underrating themselves, and this creates in them a sense of inferiority.

We should try different things but should never devalue what we have. You need to value yourself to appreciate who you are, how you look and speak, your personality traits, and everything about you.

2. Protect your inner peace

Protecting your peace is one of the best ways to value yourself. Because once you ruin your internal peace, everything in life starts to get disturbed. You will come across many people who put you down, ignore you, hurt you, or argue about everything. Unfortunately, we all have such people in our lives; sadly, we just can’t escape them.

All you can do is avoid interacting with them and protect your peace because such people feel happiest when they see you sad or depressed. So do yourself a favor, value yourself and protect your inner peace. You deserve a peaceful and serene life, and just because you have such people around you doesn’t mean you can’t achieve tranquility.

3. Practice positive self-talk

Words affect your mental health, especially those that roam in your head as thoughts. Speak to yourself positively, and don’t let negative thoughts make you hopeless. You need to believe that you are not worthless. Have a positive outlook on life and remember that things can change. If something isn’t the way you want, you can always work on making it better.

Don’t let what others think about you be your priority. They cannot define who you are or what you’re capable of. Remember that you are what you feel about yourself. You can always be your motivational speaker. Don’t let negative thoughts control you, always replace your anxious thoughts with positive ones, and you’ll soon see your life improve.  

4. Make your health a priority

No matter where you’re standing in life, your physical and mental health should always be a priority. When busy, we often neglect taking meals on time or stop hydrating ourselves regularly. We often prioritize work before our health.

We treat ourselves as if we are the last thing to look after. As if we don’t need to take care of ourselves. For example, when you have a workload or deadline to meet, you sacrifice your sleep. You might think that successful people work late nights, but this doesn’t mean you can procrastinate when you have time and then pressure yourself when the deadline is close.

We all know how much we neglect our health to serve our careers and relationships, and sometimes by listening to toxic people. Because not only do we compromise on our physical health, but by feeding ourselves with negativity, we also affect our mental health.

5. Nurture your family relationships

You are fortunate if you have a loving and caring family. Valuing yourself is more than just taking care of yourself. Real joy is achieved when you make others’ life as fulfilling as you want your life to be. You value yourself when you show love and kindness to people, especially your family.

Our family always stands by our side, even in the darkest storms of our life. We must make them as happy as they try to make us. When it comes to family members, we often neglect them, maybe because of their availability. But once you start living alone, you realize what a blessing family is.

Don’t treat them with love and respect for their happiness but for your own happiness because you cannot be depressed if you have a loving family by your side. The support of your family members in times of adversity is like no other. And to truly value yourself, value those around you.

6. Find your purpose in life

When you find your real purpose in life, that’s exactly the moment when you don’t have to look for happiness from others. When you start moving towards your goals, it becomes easy for you to be happy and motivated every day.

To value yourself, you need to know what you deserve in life. You’re unique, and for everyone, something special is reserved. You should not feel bad if you haven’t found your purpose yet. Sometimes the delay is beneficial for us. But because of the delay, don’t devalue yourself. People will mostly try to demotivate you, but value yourself by believing that what’s coming for you is better and you will reach your destination.

7. Overcome your weaknesses

We all know our weaknesses and are responsible for working on them. If you see yourself lacking somewhere in life, work on that area. It could be that your work progress is going down, you’re having difficulty practicing patience, you couldn’t organize, or you couldn’t fulfill your responsibilities. It could be anything, but only you know what to do about it so that it doesn’t affect your life. This is also a part of valuing yourself when you look at things closely so that they won’t create problems for you in the long run.

8. Learn when to say no

We often devalue ourselves by saying yes to everything we’re asked. We fear what others will think or feel, so we often neglect our needs and demands aside. Learn to say no politely. It isn’t obligatory to say yes every time.

You can cancel plans if you feel like spending time alone because we need time to recharge emotionally. And you can value yourself and your opinions by learning to say no. 

9. Avoid people who put you down

Value yourself by avoiding people who are bad for your mental health. Distance yourself from people always putting you down and arguing to prove you wrong. Don’t hesitate to make healthy choices for yourself. If you keep yourself around such people, you will constantly be questioning yourself. You don’t need to ask yourself if you’re good enough or not.

People who value you will always appreciate your existence and never put you in a position that lowers your dignity or ruins your self-image.

10. Bring more love into your life

Bringing more love into your life and practicing kindness will eventually make you value yourself and the people around you. We all need love in our life to feel appreciated and to be admired for who we are.

Surround yourself with positive people and make your family a happy one. You can never achieve peace of mind if your relationships are not meaningful. Reciprocate the love you’ve received from your family members, and live a happy and content life. Because you genuinely stay happy by spending time with family.

The Final Word

Living a meaningful and content life becomes challenging when we stop valuing ourselves. We often think we can compromise on our happiness, but if we’re contributing to others, we’re on the right track. But we forget that if you stop looking after yourself, you will not be able to serve others. You might have heard the famous saying that you cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s easy to say that we need to take care of ourselves, but in actuality, we need to value ourselves by listening to our intuition and doing what feels right to us.

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  1. Wonderful tips on how to value ourselves. It has taken me well into midlife to realize how to do this…better late than never right? lol Thanks for sharing these very important reminders.

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